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Services for Your Wedding

Wedding Planning

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“I couldn’t explain in words, that how the wedding of my dreams was possible with the help of Axle Tree Events, even I can say that I wouldn’t be able to repay for that to had such a wonderful day for me”. Event services in udaipur, wedding services in udaipur

RSVP and Invitations


When it comes to our wedding, inviting our guests is most important thing which everyone wants to be in a smooth way. In today’s time we have number of friends who are scattered all over India. Some are whatsapp friends some are facebook friends and even some are only friends in emails, but all are good friends to whom we don’t want to miss to invite at our wedding. At this situation there may be some chances that you may forget some of your guests to invite at your wedding.

Event Décor


Wedding season means lots of enjoy and fun! What if you will have to manage each and everything by yourself? Uff! That would be hectic right? That’s why we are here to let you enjoy the party. Yes we are best event planner to manage each and everything for you.

Well, as you that the decoration is one of the important parts of wedding, that’s why we organize complete decoration and manage it within your budget.



Do you want something crazy on your wedding day? If you want then you cannot miss the part of entertainment. Someone has truly said music is art of life and really without music, dance and amazing stage performance you cannot enjoy your wedding day. To perform on wedding day people hire artists, but finding perfect artists those can rock your D-Day & and manage them may be difficult, that’s why we are here!



Atithi Devo Bhao! This is the punch line of your Indian culture and we all believe on it. It really doesn’t matter how modern you are, having huge respect and love for your guest will always praised. Well, when you are going to get married and invited your loved one. This is our responsibility to make them feel special guest.

Those were also the days, when wedding meant a family gathering, Close friends and relatives, announced by a simple wedding card. Today the trend is something thematic, wedding logistics these days has become the focus point. If you are prepared to innovate and if you have the money then you can arrange a modern thematic wedding.

Wedding Bells


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Wedding Gifts


You know what is the best way to make happy your loved one? Give them an awesome gift and you will definitely get a lovely smile on their faces. The tradition of gifting in wedding has been part of our Indian culture. Now in the modern era this tradition has quite changed. In wedding the families of bride and groom give welcome & return gifts.


Your Style

The choices surrounding your wedding day are endless and sometimes overwhelming. We can help! We have all the tools to help you find that one-of-a-kind, breathtaking perfect dress.
event services in udaipur, wedding services in udaipur

Event services

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