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How To Plan A Wedding In 6 Months?

Step-by-step take one month at a time!

Do you want to plan a wedding in a short duration? Only a few months left for the execution of the arrangements! Then, here we have some sure shot tips for planning your wedding in 6 months or less. Of course, planning traditional or royal ceremonies requires a generous timeline of a year or more. But, you can do this on quick notes with simple efforts, capabilities, and by hiring a top wedding planner to plan your wedding.


Try these definite tips for planning a destination, royal, or traditional wedding in 6 months or even lesser.


6th MONTH:

1. Form your budget line:

Budget is the most prominent thing before performing any wedding chores. M-factor should be determined at first point by allocating extra funds aside for the arrangements like a live band or particular photographer.


2. Select the venue:

While most traditional Indian wedding destinations are booked in advance before dates, but a fabulous event can also be found in a short timeline. Going for nontraditional spaces like farmhouse or any garden can also be fruitful.


3. Hold on to foremost vendors:

Keep an eye on your trusted vendors for every occasion. Whether it’s a caterer, decorator, florist, event planner, wedding photographer, etc. and line them up to consider limited but best options at the time of bookings to avoid the hassle.


4. Outfits pick and working on alternatives:

If you are customizing your wedding dress and many other outfits make sure to give them for design or stitch six months before the functions. Else, you can also look out for ready-to-wear bridal dresses or rental shops for more affordable options and a shorter time frame.


5. Figure out the guest list:

A long list that might not end is for sure not your touch for the destination wedding. Identify your guests’ list wisely for different ceremonies, if you are making the one. Moreover, if you are going to have royal functions, make sure to keep them in limits but with quality.


6. Book your pre-wedding shoot and makeup person:

Budget is the most prominent thing before performing any wedding chores. M-factor should be determined at first point by allocating extra funds aside for the arrangements like a live band or particular photographer.




1. Consider a wedding coordinator or event planner:

Ignorant for many but at the destination weddings and big fat Indian bash, it’s one of the significant aspects. Wedding coordinators and local event planners based in the selected city or venue can be a great help for an outstanding wedding.


2. Prepare invites to send:

Nowadays, everything is going green, so why don’t opt for digital invites and pictures of “Save The Date” for your wedding! You can send them to the number of people through message, email, or any other medium to make them remind till the time is nearby.


3. Be ready for pre-wedding shoots:

Once you have booked your photographer, make sure to stay ready for your pre-wedding and get it done on time. Also, do test your makeup artist over the shoots to confirm bookings of the same person for the wedding.


4. Get your engagement rings or wedding bands:

Diamond or Gold whatever you wish to have for your to-be partner, 5th month is good to go. If you have a plan for made-to-order Wedding couple bands or engagement ring, it can only be done in the first two months to take out time for the rest of things. And, if you don’t so, then you can buy on an immediate basis during the end time from ideal jewellery stores.




1. Hire remaining merchants:

When done with your major vendors, this peak time you can utilize by hiring other selective merchants who can work as alternatives. So, at the time of unwanted situations, these remaining ones can be your option for the organization of functions.


2. Shop stuff and get them packed:

Don’t drop till you shop! Buying your worthy picks can be a task, and it gets also extended until the wedding day arrives. But, be smart with the budgets, sale counters, requirements, etc. and start the shopping right from the date is fixed. Also, don’t forget to wrap them up and keep it organized in closets for later use.




1. Finalize the menu and wedding cake:

Making the vast menu is what everyone does at the time of the marriage. But, you can be unique with catering and ensure best of food during the occasion. Coordinate twice with your caterers for the veg as well non-veg menu while keeping up with the local cuisines. Try to be eligible with taste rather than variants. And, yeah! Don’t miss out ‘The Wedding Cake’. Book it up exclusive and yummy for your loved ones to appreciate your choice of arrangements even more.


2. Plan your Honeymoon:

Trips can only be excited if you put an effort. Discuss with your partner and travel agent for great deals of budgeted places available on multiple platforms with flights. And, explore the most-awaited and romantic part of your wedding.


3. Music, band, DJ, alcohol, and wedding license:

Live band, DJ, astounding music, and drinks complete the essence of almost every destination wedding. Also, before booking them, make sure to apply for a marriage certificate to avoid legal delays and formalities.




1. Confirm all the details:

You are tired enough! Take a sip of wine or an excellent aromatic coffee and begin with your checklist to confirm all the details in power mode. And, trust us, this is going to help you much more to relieve stress, once you are done with it.


2. Do hair, makeup, and wedding dress trial:

How you are going to look on your D-day will make your imagination with beauty better than you expect! Go for hairstyling, makeup trials, and do try your wedding dress to avoid the last-minute issues. Consult your specific persons to look fabulous for your special moments.




1. Pack-up your bags for the Honeymoon:

Once you are done with the shopping, it’s high time to keep your bags pack for the Honeymoon. Many couples do fly off just in a day or two after the wedding while few waits. But, being ready is no harm, right!


2. Finalize your checklist:

Go through the checklist of arrangements and your part again. You would not like to miss anything if you have an outdoor wedding.


3. Party Time:

Throw your bachelor or hen’s party. Enjoy with your friends and have a great time with your folks, as you might not get enough time once you get married.


4. Enjoy the moment:

It’s high time to relish what’s necessary and for which you have been preparing for so long. Stay calm and composed to bring that magical glow of your wedding day when you are done with the marshalling.




7 Beautiful Gifts To Send With Your Wedding Invitations

Breaking the rules and splurging on the grounds of wedding arrangements is something that everyone does so far. And, within the series of wedding preparations, the prior thing after date finalization is Wedding Invitees.

Nowadays, most of us recommend having wedding invites that are in digital format to circulate the guests on mails and WhatsApp. But, sharing the moments of happiness with unique gifts is one of the ideal and traditional ways that most of us love to follow least in our close circle.

So, take a break from sweets and dry fruits and try these beautiful gifts with wedding invitations to send your special friends and relatives this wedding season.


1. Exotic tea & coffee set

Different varieties of refreshing tea or coffee can be the epic one for your guests. Small sachets of exotic teas like Cinnamon, Ginger, Tulsi, Apple, Green, etc. along with a coffee jar are a delightful present that would be highly visible with your wedding invites.

2. Marble tea light holder

There can be nothing more beautiful than a carved stone structure that has it’s own glow of calmness to express. And, marble tea light holder is one such unique gift that you can include with your wedding card along with a tiny candle to shine up the smile over the face of your guests while opening your invitation.

3. Aroma Gift set

Fragrances are loved by most of the people, and it’s the core thing that many of us consider on every occasion. So, why not give it as a tribute to special guests in the form of Aroma oils along with diffusers as a gift this wedding season.

4. Handmade chocolates and cookies hamper

Unavoidable out of this is the sweetest and budgeted gift that you can give a thought to compliment with your wedding invitation. If you don’t want to ruin the diets or health aspects of your guests with this treat, then going on with the handmade vegan chocolate and cookies hampers is an astonishing approach to make everyone fall in love with your caring terms.

5. Mini potted plants

Admirer of nature somewhere! Then, this can be your eco-friendly present for your guests. A mini potted plant that you can take and for making it appealing enough, you can put the choice of seeds within the small pouch along with your wedding card to encourage the receiver towards the environment. Isn’t a great green idea for building memories of your invite amongst everyone!


6. Organic spices pack

Want to make an aesthetic yet spicy invite? Try the organic spices basket packed beautifully in tiny jars is a sure shot complimentary stuff with your wedding card. And, this is something everyone will like and use in their kitchen as a memory of your ceremony.


7. Goodie Bag or Box

If you are confused with a lot of articles and want to make use of almost everything in your invite, then goodie bag is ideal enough to choose. A recycled decorated box, basket, or a bag can be used loaded with multiple variants like Jam jars, Honey, Nuts, Spices, Chocolates, Pack of chips, and much more. This wedding invite looks placid and may include goods for everyone.


Young And Leading Wedding Planners Of Udaipur At Axle Tree Events

Revolutionizing an old grown system is hard but not impossible. With the grace of time, the wedding scenarios have changed under the frame of energetic event organizers. And, being in the wedding planning industry is not that piece of cake. But, our wedding planners at Axle Tree EventsChandraveer Singh Chouhan and Brijesh Parwani have been successful in accomplishing the best of work within their portfolio.

One of the leading tycoons in the event planning business, both strengthened the ability and creativity smoothly since the beginning of Axle Tree Events. While covering royal and destination weddings in Udaipur and all over Rajasthan, here are some of their glimpses and statements about the wholesome experience in this industry as event planners in Udaipur.


1. Beginnings and hardships:

“It was a tough task to work out during the launch of the company. Almost no funds, no in-hand project, and most importantly no backup plan to achieve the big bash wedding, it was a real hustle. Building contacts, following an honest approach towards work, and turning night and day all into one, we did our paperwork.

This regular running and on-going attitude towards the betterment of shining in the event industry went successful. We are glad that we tried over and over to make it happen! And, now our organization has been one of the leading event management companies in Udaipur and nearby zones.”


2. Vision to bring Best:

“Axle Tree Events was established to bring magical moments into the weddings. In India and across the world, weddings are time to celebrate and enjoy just like any other festivities. Carrying out arrangements requires enormous efforts in this sector right from the marriage date. Hence, this mandatory lookout was always in mind to create, plan, organize, and execute events in a luxurious style.

Therefore, we went through the research, gained work experience over the field, analyzed our strength and weaknesses while working on small set-ups. After a few years, when we recognized our personal touch that we ensure a wedding or any event should include, we proceeded and continued further.

But, all of this was not enough! We wanted to change the perception of people towards various types of events, weddings, hospitality, and entertainment that can be super fun whenever they flock into the destination of social gathering.

And, that’s where our aim to unlock elegant destination weddings, corporate events, and various ceremonies turned up while planning traditional Indian occasions. While traveling, we showcased our approach initially in other event companies by providing management help or arranging human force for their work. Later, we encouraged ourselves while maintaining contacts with best vendors and recommendations to work on the same scale but with a lot more trendy additions in décor, production, logistics, hospitality, catering, accommodation, etc.”


3. Event Planning was always a dream:

“Throughout the industry, we saw that events in our country are carried conventionally. Living in such beautiful places like Udaipur, Kerala, Goa, and many other cities, people are still afraid to experiment. Many do come up with myths about destination weddings, budget issues, queries about organizing corporate events, royal ceremonies, and much more.

That’s for a reason; we choose event planning as our dream to break all the roundabouts that hit on mind when it comes to huge arrangements.”


4. Team formation with new sources:

“Initially, we were the army of two and worked day and night to conclude whenever we had a big bash to cover. Slowly while steaming up with hard work and efforts, we made a working empire of freelancers along with in-house to bring out of the box stuff in the wedding industry of Udaipur. Along with our resources and vendors, it won’t have been possible to envision great, successful, and exclusiveness in the events.

Currently, we have 40+ vendor sources and 10+ loyal teammates that ensure décor, design, logistics, production, and other basic requirements of destination weddings and other regular events.”


5. Finally, a kick-start:

“Now, with our overall settlement, it’s a time that we have begun working on designing beautiful weddings in several destinations nationwide. Apart from this, success came up after a long wait of six years for our wedding planning company, Axle Tree Events in Udaipur. But it was worth a catch that we are still holding on and wish to enhance it more in the future.”

Check it Out: