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Super Tips To Keep In Mind While Booking Your Wedding Car

Wedding Car

There is always a thought process that comes around in mind to keep everything smooth on your Big Day. Starting from your wedding outfit to photography, from cake to wedding invites, and much more every part is desired to be perfect. And, when it comes to the logistics part, the first thing that turns out as necessary is the wedding car. An ideal riding wedding transport for both bride and groom that needs to be either modern or classic as per convenience.

So far not all the couples or families can go with high-budgeted wedding car to buy straight away. That’s for a reason there are options, out of which you can make your choices for booking your wedding car by following specific tips.


Plan your budget for the car

Choosing your ride is a task if you need to cope up with the crucial aspect of Budget. Whether you tend to pick a classic vintage car or a modern luxury oriented car, both of them require a specific amount in your account. So, it’s an obvious thing to consider that budget has to be in a standard count of thousands to pay the hassle-free expense while booking a wedding car.


Type of the car and requirement check

Bride and Groom need to be comfortable during their ride, and this can only be achieved with the type of car a couple chooses. No wonder the outfit, traveling distance, time, and weather should be kept in check before booking the car. And, these particulars might look small, but they are super powerful as if you have a beautiful flared heavy outfit, or your wedding is in summer, the car has to be fully air-conditioned with high technology and a lot of space to let you move, sit, and travel smooth.

Apart from this, classic vintage cars do have a royal look that is incredible and noticeable enough. But always remember they can’t compete with the modern rides that are likely to be more potent than the classics and old cars are crafted.


Make the market research

Smart research is a must to take to make the wedding things settle down. The analysis that is done with the help of event managers and wedding planners may help you to finalize everything in budgeted manner.


Arrangements in Advance

Bookings done on prior basis are not just a convenient process, but it also decreases your last minute hassle. Thumb rule always says to tally everything twice before the wedding. And, if you don’t have enough time and caught up with other arrangements like your wedding outfits, cake, photography, accommodations, etc. then don’t hesitate in taking the help from the event planners for logistics purpose.


Be smart with the outsourcing

This turns out to be the biggest thing from where to outsource and who should be the best person or agency for your arrangements. So, for your special day, make sure to work it out on a prior note with the people who hold the good experience and reliable sources not just to book a budgeted wedding car but plan up your other wedding stuff.


Do something by yourself

Booking a wedding car might go ignorant in some scenes as many say that you just have to travel or ride from wedding location to home. But, it should not be in your mind that what’s the need to book a logistic service! Do some task by self and hold the base with the best of things on your D-day.



Ask for wedding favors

A wedding is once a lifetime event, and everyone deserves it to be the best memory. And, to achieve this, it is recommended not to be ashamed of while asking for favors from your friends and close ones. Like if your friend is a chef, or has a luxurious car, you know what we mean by this! Then, this can be your bonus point to enlist that friend and let them know that you need their little support to fulfill your dream wedding.


Best Mandap Decoration Ideas For Your Wedding

When we think of the wedding décor, the first thing that clicks to the mind is the Mandap. This temporary porch or platform is set for exchanging the wedding vows while performs other rituals or any religious ceremonies.

Mandaps are both set indoors as well outdoors, depending on the type of wedding ceremony you are going to have.

Also, relying on the budget part, many people prefer to have mandap in indoor that are compacting yet beautiful in their way. Whereas, outdoors mandap are grand and holds gorgeous appearance that is captivating to every person’s eyes.

While discovering the numerous mandap décors, here we have rounded up few of the best mandap decoration ideas that you might love to set-up on your wedding.

Shades of Yellow


A yellow tent-like canopy with the touch of sunflowers, lavender, and miniature roses for the sunny weddings are just like a fairytale setup that can mesmerize anyone while exchanging vows.


Floral fantasy

mandap decorations, mandap decor, mandap decor ideas

Source: Wedmegood

Flowers never disappoint when it’s about the decoration. And, when accompanied with the different combination of roses or lilies and any other choice of flowers, then nothing can be better than that.


Red and white magic

mandap decorations, mandap decor, mandap decor ideas

Source: WedMeGood

Who doesn’t love the combo of red and white in the wedding décor? Notably, in the case of Mandap, this elegant choice is made all at first by many couples. The magic of red and white curtains or drapes with the beautiful flowers, candles, or light hangings is absolute bliss to watch for your guests.


White Elegance

Mandap Decor, mandap decoration, mandap decor ideas, mandap decoration ideas

Source: WedMeGood

The color of peace, sincerity, and purity is like a blessing when it comes to wedding decoration. So far, white mandaps have been popular recently as they bestow a pristine effect of creativity and highlights of beauty.


Canopy of roses

mandap decor, mandap decoration, mandap decoration ideas, mandap decor ideasration,

The profusion of roses acts not just glamour to the décor but adds an essence of romance too. A majestic canopy bloomed with thousands of red roses or pink roses, arranged throughout the pillars along with garlands and chandeliers are no less than a royal setup.


Classic drapes and curtains

mandap decor, mandap decoration, mandap decor ideas, mandap decoration ideas

Source: WedMeGood

These mandaps are ideal for indoor banquet weddings and even for the spaces that are compact. Beautiful curtains and drapes wrapped around the pillars – bunched together with flowers and crystal hangings are simply WOW!


Ethnic royal charm

mandap decor, mandap decoration, mandap decor ideas. mandap decoration ideas

Source: WedMeGood

Regal style mandaps can be the show stealer because of their gold work, massive pillars, and elaborated canopies. With the stunning look and recreating the royal heritage of Rajput’s and Mughals, these mandap decors are an ideal choice for winter weddings specially organized in wedding halls as well gardens.


Chandelier on Tops

mandap decor, Mandap decoration, mandap decor ideas, mandap decoration idaes

Source: WedMeGood

The charm and contemporary feel of chandeliers never go off-season in weddings. Also, they add an ethnic touch with the grace of lights and crystals twinkling and spreading the magic around the corners of the mandap set-up.


Water reflections

manap decor, mandap decorations, mandap decor ideas, mandap decoration ideas

Source: WedMeGood

Exchanging vows around the poolside where the reflections fall in the pace of water is charismatic to the core. And, if your wedding is going to be at the lakeside, then bravo! You have the bonus to enjoy reflections within the lake water at the time of the ceremony and Pheras.


How to choose the perfect entertainment for your event?

entertainment, event planner in udaipur, wedding planner in udaipur

When you are more into making the best out of the rest, every detail of an event, party, or a wedding is crucial to your part. And, on the count of enjoyment scale, booking a right wedding entertainment or a band for an event is a sole purpose to fulfill to cover in all.

A band, DJ, Live music, or any cultural dancers can be the attractions as well can add charm to your event. Not just that, while being a source of entertainment, they can also be the purpose to make your event unforgettable for your guests.

Here we have clinched to some of the points that you can follow while choosing the right entertainment for your event:

1. Early booking via a reputable agency

Make sure to check your dates of the events as it’s always recommended to book the band, DJ, or any other entertainment on prior basis. Also, this can let you keep up with your choice and other options. Ensure that while booking, you should not go on random catch and consider your event planners or any reputable agency in the market to book the party entertainment.

2. Theme augmentation

Many weddings or any other events are nowadays revolving around the particular themes. So, it is advised to consider your band, dancers or any other source whether it’s vintage, cultural, unplugged, or any segment more off with rock & pop approach. Depending on the type of the party, it gets easy to coordinate with the sources of the entertainment.

3. Timings and Space consideration

Be realistic instead of working out of your schedule of the entertainment. Timings are the sensitive aspect in any of the event. Like, if it were a reception party or any corporate party, then most probably the standard time would be followed after an evening when guests are ready to have their drinks.

Don’t forget to check out space on the spot, as there is no point in booking an 8-member band with heavy equipment’s if there is a tiny stage for a performance. Also, you don’t want your guests rattling around the DJ or in the corner of the dance floor. So, space is an important aspect to peek into when you make the bookings.

4. Venue cutback

Most of the venues have their rules and regulations for the entertainment sources. There are certain restrictions that you might have to follow and artists as well while performing in the event. For example, if the wedding or a party is going to be in the prime location of the city, there can be the guideline not to play loud music. This can be a big turn off for live music or band artist as well your guests. And, if the event is in outskirts, then these cannot be the issues but traveling far off can be a demerit in this case for your guests and entertainment source.

5. An arrangement of refreshments and other amenities

If you have chosen any live band, DJ, or cultural dancers to perform, it’s advisable to get the arrangements of comfort facilities and refreshments for them. They would require a pack of energy boost while playing for your guests for 1.5 to 2 hours.

6. Terms and conditions check

If you are booking any professional entertainment through the event planners or agency, they will provide a full-fledged contract along with terms and conditions.

So, check these clearly and pay close attention to cancellation terms and any contingencies they have in place for emergencies.

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