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Bride Alert! Top 7 Bridal Entry Ideas To Takeover The Show

Are you going to be a bride soon? Do you also have a fantasy to take the entry to capture crowd’s eye and take charge of being the center of attraction? Then, here are the top 7 ideas that you should consider for your entry in your own wedding to showcase your swag amongst the guests and family while keeping up with your style quotient.

1. Smoke Bombs Entry

bridal entry ideas


Why give a simple ballet when you can create a mystery. For adding drama to your entry, you can take the help of your siblings, cousins, and friends to explode the smoke bombs in their hands. And, if you think this can be unsafe don’t worry, smoke bombs are perfectly fine and cool to go with the outdoor weddings, and this also lessens the chances of confetti falling and creating the mess.

2. Entering with Bridesmaids

bridal entry idea



Let your bridesmaids help you and play their part to create your entry memorable by holding lamps in their hands and sprinkling flowers while you enter with them by being in the center point.

3. Floral Bed Spread over the top

bridal entry ideas


One of the best idea to go with and suitable enough for every bride… Whether you imagine for a princess style entry or pre-recorded vows along with the background music, Flower bed spread carried by your friends over your head, and everyone is surrounding you to make you feel special is irresistible to take off the eyes.

4. Biker Bride

bridal entry ideas

If you are a bride, who loves to ride a bike or if you imagine yourself same as like Kareena Kapoor in the last scene of 3 idiots, then this kind of entry is just meant for you. Stunning yet a rocking bridal entry that has swag beyond expectations of your guests and crowd present on the wedding. P.S. you can also opt vintage car for your entry to add the grace to your image of “SWAG WALI BRIDE.”

5. Dancing Bride

bridal entry ideas


Entering with your girlfriends while dancing is a new hue for all the brides nowadays. With the bang of sounds of Dhol, Nagade, and Shehnai, this is the entry for the brides who love to increase the craze on their own and jump on the board with the hell lot of fun.

6. Heavenly entry in Traditional Palanquin

Ethnic yet beautiful, a bridal entry that can add the charm of calling you like the royal bride! A dream entry in a traditional palanquin with the shower of flowers will make you feel special and leave a memorable impact for the lifetime. Also, if you are comfortable, you can opt a chariot with white horses or an elephant ride as per your desire.

7. Pet Or Kids Announcing Bride Arrival

Your pet or little niece and nephew will be playing the best part if you think of this entry. You can teach them to carry a signboard guiding your way on to the venue. And, we assure this entry will be something that will hit the emotional aspect and people would not resist saying “AWW.”

So, all the brides to be, these are some of the ideas that you can go for to make your bridal entry special and your big day eternal.
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Ideal Pre-Wedding Shoots Places In Udaipur

Udaipur – A city that speaks thousands of couple stories through tons of pictures and shots recognized within. Beautiful lakes, astonishing views, mesmerizing gardens, and lots more other locations are an ideal definition to describe Venice of The East. And, when it’s about weddings, Udaipur has always been quite a popular not just for the destination wedding, but pre-wedding shoots as well.

With a dignity of carrying nature and modern glimpse altogether, the city of lakes is one of the romantic cities and bestowing best of places to get a photo shoot done. From luxurious hotels to ravishing natural locations, Udaipur is blessed with bliss to capture every couple’s heart.

Here are some of the ideal pre-wedding locations that one would love to consider for photo shoots.

Native Locations and Views

If you are in love with Mother Nature then, for sure you will admire the beauty of Udaipur in its opulent gardens, astonishing lakes, Ghats, and Streets that imparts with the wonders to click in every substance. From a series moving from the city center to the outskirts, there are many locations for couples to get the shoot done. And, if your photographer is creative enough, then you have a bonus of getting your pictures better while being at all these locations.

Below we have mentioned a list of venues along with pictures to ascertain you an idea of pre-wedding photo shoots in the natural views and local places.

  1. Gulab Bagh 
  1. Doodh Talai 
  1. Ambrai Ghat & Gangaur Ghat 
  1. Streets of the Old City 
  1. Rani Road 
  1. Fateh Sagar 
  1. Badi Lake 
  1. Sajjangarh 

Heritage Properties & Hotels

So far when it’s about luxury and royalty, Udaipur has a broad section to consider in the history as well as the present. Enriched with the hospitality of Mewar and culture that is colorful yet simple, there are some of the renowned heritage properties & hotels that you may find appropriate for your pre-wedding photography. But, this thing is to be kept at the notice that all the below mentioned places require special permissions and a handsome amount of fee if you wish to carry your dream photo shoot here with your soul mate. And, here are few of the venues that exist in the prime zones of Udaipur with their fantastic lake and mountain views by covering the lap of nature and regal formation within.

  1. The Lalit Laxmi Vilas Palace 
  1. City Palace 
  1. RAAS Devigarh Palace 
  1. Shikarbadi Hotel 
  1. Chunda Palace  
  1. Hotel Fateh Garh 
  1. Radisson Blu Udaipur Palace Resorts & Spa 
  1. The Royal Retreat Resort & Spa


Do’s & Don’ts When Plan For A Destination Wedding

destination wedding


1. Choose a convenient venue:

All things is based on where your majority of guests are coming from, decide a venue where transportation facility easily available. Your guests will have more fun when they arrive happily.

2. Box your stuff in advance:

Wrap your wedding costume, accessories, makeup, shoes, well in advance so that you do not forget anything. Carry these stuff yourself or ask somebody you trust.

3. Find local gifts for your guests:

You choose your destination place for a reason – so reflect the destination by finding little gems from the area to give to guests.

4. Wedding Venue Visit:

Do visit the hotel/resort at least once before the wedding to get an idea of the venue, finalize decor & to understand possible matters (like traffic, distance, accommodations from hotel etc.) so that you can work them around.

5. Give your guests a heads up:

When you’re planning a destination wedding, it is completely critical to give your guests as much advance information as possible.This means sending out save the dates or a link to your personal wedding website at least 5-6 months before, so that they can have enough time to plan their travel and holiday time. Formal invitations should go out 1-2 months before.


1. Wait until the last minute to send your invitations:

You need extra time when planning a destination wedding. Your guest should get at least 3 months information so they can book their accommodations, holidays, get a sitter planned etc.

2. Expect that everyone will come:

Nearly every bride planning a destination wedding stresses about the same thing – will anyone show? No matter how much you stress, you cannot control who will come or not.  Hopefully the people you care about the most will be there.  But trust me (and nearly every destination bride before you) when we tell you that at the day of your wedding you will be so caught up in the moment and will be having so much fun that you won’t care about who didn’t make it.

3. Leave people without directions:

Do not assume people know where they are going. Some people aren’t 100% comfortable travelling to a place they’ve never been. Instead – make it easy on them by providing them written message beyond the invitation with maps and directions. Also, make sure each guest gets a welcome bag with repeated itineraries and how to get to all place.

4. Save on photography:

When it’s all said and done, your photos will capture the memories in a way nothing else can.  Pictures will be the only thing you have to forever remember the day by.  Do you want to look past at photos and recall about how wonderful and amazing your destination wedding was, how much fun your guests where having, how much love was in the air? Or do you want to look past and remorse not having the quality pictures you could possibly afford. When organising a destination wedding, you should book finest photographer for your wedding.

5. Worry:

Remember that something will go wrong. It happens to everybody! You have to roll with the punches and enjoy every moment.  You’ll set the tone for the special day.  If you’re having fun, your guests will too.  If you’re not enjoying yourself, they won’t either.

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