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How to plan a destination wedding in Udaipur?

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Are you thinking of doing a destination wedding in Udaipur? Then there are some points in what you need to do in having a destination wedding, which will be mentioned below:

1) You need to plan before: Planning is the best when it comes for a destination wedding in Udaipur. First thing you need to do is find a hotel of your own liking, which is convent for you. Udaipur is one of the most famous places to have a wedding.

2) Inform your guest before time: This is one of the most important things to do since your family can do all the arrangements ahead of time; you will have to inform them three months earlier.

3) Understanding the climate: Weather is an essential part into our lives because when deciding a particular date for your destination wedding, it is the best time to do in September to February in Udaipur. Then in these months, your relatives can do a bit of sightseeing in a famous place called “City of Lakes.”

4) Get event managers to plan for your wedding: When you first visit Udaipur you will need to search for an event managers and let them do everything so that you can save your money and you don’t need to travel nor pay your hotel since the event managers will manage that, you also will need to plan a meeting with the local flower shops and car rental companies in Udaipur.

5) Getting the vibes in Rajasthan: It doesn’t matter where you do your wedding, it might be in a place, a resort, or a five-star hotel in Udaipur, getting the vibes in Udaipur is the best feeling ever. You will need to plan everything for the bride and groom to make them look at their best.
The groom can wear a sherwani with a Pyjama or a dhoti with a waistband or a kamarbandh. The bride can wear a lovely colored ghagra choli with an Odhani.

6) Plan the menu: You will need to feel the Rajasthan Royal cuisine so that you will have to get some traditional food and beverages to make your guest hungrier.

7) Get a DJ: A wedding without some Rajasthan folk music or your choice Rajasthan wedding songs are incomplete.

8) Get a professional photography and videographer person: You will need to call the photography person ahead of time so that you could have your pictures taken during the occasion to remember since your marriage will only happen once. Pre-shooting shoots are one of the most famous things to do in Udaipur. For couples who are still not married can even do their pre-shooting in Udaipur.

9) Your guest should have a safe and secure environment: It is essential for you to keep your guest in a safe and secure environment so that they will feel comfortable and have a fun wedding.

If you haven’t done a destination wedding in Udaipur, then do not miss this opportunity to have a grand wedding in a place called Udaipur.


How to choose the perfect entertainment for your event?

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When you are more into making the best out of the rest, every detail of an event, party, or a wedding is crucial to your part. And, on the count of enjoyment scale, booking a right wedding entertainment or a band for an event is a sole purpose to fulfill to cover in all.

A band, DJ, Live music, or any cultural dancers can be the attractions as well can add charm to your event. Not just that, while being a source of entertainment, they can also be the purpose to make your event unforgettable for your guests.

Here we have clinched to some of the points that you can follow while choosing the right entertainment for your event:

1. Early booking via a reputable agency

Make sure to check your dates of the events as it’s always recommended to book the band, DJ, or any other entertainment on prior basis. Also, this can let you keep up with your choice and other options. Ensure that while booking, you should not go on random catch and consider your event planners or any reputable agency in the market to book the party entertainment.

2. Theme augmentation

Many weddings or any other events are nowadays revolving around the particular themes. So, it is advised to consider your band, dancers or any other source whether it’s vintage, cultural, unplugged, or any segment more off with rock & pop approach. Depending on the type of the party, it gets easy to coordinate with the sources of the entertainment.

3. Timings and Space consideration

Be realistic instead of working out of your schedule of the entertainment. Timings are the sensitive aspect in any of the event. Like, if it were a reception party or any corporate party, then most probably the standard time would be followed after an evening when guests are ready to have their drinks.

Don’t forget to check out space on the spot, as there is no point in booking an 8-member band with heavy equipment’s if there is a tiny stage for a performance. Also, you don’t want your guests rattling around the DJ or in the corner of the dance floor. So, space is an important aspect to peek into when you make the bookings.

4. Venue cutback

Most of the venues have their rules and regulations for the entertainment sources. There are certain restrictions that you might have to follow and artists as well while performing in the event. For example, if the wedding or a party is going to be in the prime location of the city, there can be the guideline not to play loud music. This can be a big turn off for live music or band artist as well your guests. And, if the event is in outskirts, then these cannot be the issues but traveling far off can be a demerit in this case for your guests and entertainment source.

5. An arrangement of refreshments and other amenities

If you have chosen any live band, DJ, or cultural dancers to perform, it’s advisable to get the arrangements of comfort facilities and refreshments for them. They would require a pack of energy boost while playing for your guests for 1.5 to 2 hours.

6. Terms and conditions check

If you are booking any professional entertainment through the event planners or agency, they will provide a full-fledged contract along with terms and conditions.

So, check these clearly and pay close attention to cancellation terms and any contingencies they have in place for emergencies.


Do’s & Don’ts When Plan For A Destination Wedding

destination wedding


1. Choose a convenient venue:

All things is based on where your majority of guests are coming from, decide a venue where transportation facility easily available. Your guests will have more fun when they arrive happily.

2. Box your stuff in advance:

Wrap your wedding costume, accessories, makeup, shoes, well in advance so that you do not forget anything. Carry these stuff yourself or ask somebody you trust.

3. Find local gifts for your guests:

You choose your destination place for a reason – so reflect the destination by finding little gems from the area to give to guests.

4. Wedding Venue Visit:

Do visit the hotel/resort at least once before the wedding to get an idea of the venue, finalize decor & to understand possible matters (like traffic, distance, accommodations from hotel etc.) so that you can work them around.

5. Give your guests a heads up:

When you’re planning a destination wedding, it is completely critical to give your guests as much advance information as possible.This means sending out save the dates or a link to your personal wedding website at least 5-6 months before, so that they can have enough time to plan their travel and holiday time. Formal invitations should go out 1-2 months before.


1. Wait until the last minute to send your invitations:

You need extra time when planning a destination wedding. Your guest should get at least 3 months information so they can book their accommodations, holidays, get a sitter planned etc.

2. Expect that everyone will come:

Nearly every bride planning a destination wedding stresses about the same thing – will anyone show? No matter how much you stress, you cannot control who will come or not.  Hopefully the people you care about the most will be there.  But trust me (and nearly every destination bride before you) when we tell you that at the day of your wedding you will be so caught up in the moment and will be having so much fun that you won’t care about who didn’t make it.

3. Leave people without directions:

Do not assume people know where they are going. Some people aren’t 100% comfortable travelling to a place they’ve never been. Instead – make it easy on them by providing them written message beyond the invitation with maps and directions. Also, make sure each guest gets a welcome bag with repeated itineraries and how to get to all place.

4. Save on photography:

When it’s all said and done, your photos will capture the memories in a way nothing else can.  Pictures will be the only thing you have to forever remember the day by.  Do you want to look past at photos and recall about how wonderful and amazing your destination wedding was, how much fun your guests where having, how much love was in the air? Or do you want to look past and remorse not having the quality pictures you could possibly afford. When organising a destination wedding, you should book finest photographer for your wedding.

5. Worry:

Remember that something will go wrong. It happens to everybody! You have to roll with the punches and enjoy every moment.  You’ll set the tone for the special day.  If you’re having fun, your guests will too.  If you’re not enjoying yourself, they won’t either.