The only celebration that everyone desire to have massive is a wedding. But having an intimate wedding is also a perk if you are going to have one. A small ceremony, not just lets you have a fewer number of guests, it also benefits cutting costs. Having a function with finite approaches gives you the ability to be quite creative with wedding themes and seating arrangements while allowing you to have a more personal touch that truly reflects your fairytale setup.

A relaxing, interactive, and joyful environment at your wedding for everyone will only be there if you consider an intimate wedding.

And, to serve the same purpose while saving some serious cash, here are a few of the tips & tricks to keep your wedding bill on the smaller side.


1. Choose unconventional venue:

Always go with something that is beyond expectations. While selecting a location that is entirely out of the box is what you can do to surprise your guests. Consider getting married at a place that is meaningful or full of natural vibes.


2. Try having a destination wedding:

It’s not that easy for all the guests to travel far away, so you can go with the wedding, which is meant to be smaller in size. And, if you and your partner are dying to travel a place that you been planning to visit so far. Then, here’s the perfect opportunity to cross it to your bucket list.


3. Get a creative seating plan:

Limited guests equal to abundant space and creative seating arrangements! Well, here you can show it off while having a simple backyard wedding where you can arrange the wooden chairs under a canopy decorated with string lights and surrounded with greenery all around. Or, even better go for camping celebrations or farm weddings to ensure natural seating areas for the wedding.


4. Take necessary, leave the rest:

You should focus on what’s important during the wedding. Roast away the stuff that can ask too much than your budget like upscale fancy decor, highly demanded pool party, or any expensive caterers. Instead of it, you can book food trucks in place of caterers, from the elegant decor to best out of the waste or natural elements setup can be made.


5. Aim for shorter guests list:

For an ideal intimate wedding, make a guests list that should not include more than 100 people. The budget depends on the count of guests attending your ceremonies. So, to have an ultimate small wedding to let your guests also relish the arrangements of food, alcohol, and parties to the fullest, keep only the nearest and dearest ones invited on your big day.


6. Curate welcome boxes:

Now, this can be a surprise for your wedding attendees. Make them feel special with prolific welcome boxes that include chocolates, pack of chips, dry fruits, a can of fruit beer, and a customised mug as the memory of your wedding. And believe us! It will turn out to be the best part for your guests apart from your D-day.


7. Make decor extra detailed:

In love with decoration! Then, go ahead, its high time to brainstorm. Since in a wedding of 50-100 people, decor can be extravagant but cost-effectively. Like utilising the backdrops from the natural scenery of your venue, curtains, white linens, canopies with string fairy lights all over and wooden benches and chairs are an eco-friendly option.


8. Long Dining and bar set up in a banquet:

Weddings that tend to be with low gathering can be done in a banquet hall too. So far there won’t be too much of guest than a long dining table during the time of dinner for the special ones is suitable enough. And, a bar set up in the banquet zone or beside lawn area can be in the top of your arrangements.


9. Take advice and hire experts:

Having a small destination wedding is also a big deal. Therefore, it will be an optimal idea to hire an event manager or an expert wedding planner who can handle the ceremonies in the best possible way.


10 Remain true to your ideas:

Showing off and working according to others is not the cup of tea of intimate weddings. Whenever you share your thoughts, it doesn’t need to be favourable for your non-like-minded folks. Hence, remaining true to yourself and your choice of doing such an inexpensive affair will be suitable for your own.


Special Note: Invite who you want, break traditions, keep things simple, and don’t second-guess yourself.

After all, a debt-free wedding is an excellent way to start married life!