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Best Places To Plan A Budgeted Beach Wedding

Around the world, beach weddings are one of the most popular types of marriages and of course dream of every couple to have. So far when the beach comes to the mind, the place that we think off is GOA. But, getting hitched at the beautiful beaches of Goa and making it a memory for your guests as well is not that easy sometimes. Beach weddings are supposed to be an overall costly affair concerning décor, seating arrangements, food, and other amenities.

That’s for a reason, here we have summed up some of the most exceptional places that can assure you budgeted beach wedding and no wonder they are better than Goa if you consider.


Daman & Diu

daman diu

If you love the lapse of water accompanied by beautiful weather that is abstract and feels just right, then this is one of the most elegant place you can visit for your wedding. Apart from this, on the pristine beaches, you can also have cheap liquor options as well as casinos to arrange a fun part for your guests.



Imagine your function on the white-sand shoreline, inside an artificial blooming garden that feels like a dream. Well, Alibaug is one of the choices when it’s about a destination wedding that has boundless creative energy flowing everywhere around.



beach wedding, destination wedding, wedding planner in udaipur

Already a popular beach wedding destination, Pondicherry is filled with exciting resorts and tiny boutique places that is ideal for an economical wedding. The main thing you can notice here is the French colonial touch that place offers so far.


Marari beach

This indeed reminds more of those posh island beaches in remote Thailand. Located near Alapuzzha, Marari beach is known for its clear waters, and it’s sea-facing villas. Big time budget venue and this is already in the offbeat list. So, you should brainstorm a few good deals out of it.



It is one of the latest destinations for the people who like to surf and favorable as well from budget points. Though there are only a few hotels, the view is captivating, and the food is also super cheap. Therefore, you could pull off your wedding in a reasonable budget!


Madh Island

beach wedding, destination wedding, wedding planner in udaipur

Quite closer to Mumbai, this island has a different world that is perfect if you want a destination wedding in the outskirts of Bombay! One of the ideal escape from the chaos of the city, it has a stunning view of the beach, and the Best part is you don’t have to bear logistics cost much for your guests travelling from city to the venue.


Lakshadweep Island

Beach wedding, destination wedding, wedding planner in udaipur

One of the unique beach wedding destinations, the cluster of 36 islands of Lakshadweep are hospitable enough within the zone of beautiful clear blue waters, safe environs, and spectacular reefs.

Hence, you have the options to go easy while tripping on the beach, which is an excellent alternative to the elaborated and busy traditional weddings. Just make sure of one key point, i.e. weather of the particular venue where you wanted to have your beach wedding.


7 Simple Tips To Plan Winter Weddings On Budget

Winters are the most romantic and beautiful season to have any occasion. And, So far, Winter weddings can turn out to be incredibly amazing ones with lots of memories to cherish. But, only if they are planned on a proper note while keeping all the details, either its wedding cost, list of functions, guests lists, catering affair, and much more.

And, if you are also going to have a wedding in winter then, here we have some of the simple and easy tips to follow to plan winter weddings on the budget without a hitch. So, get ready! Hold on to your pen and paper to note down and stay ensured with these amazing tricks to plan your wedding in winters.


Warm wraps and winter accessories

It will be quite a way essential to keep self-warm to enjoy your occasion comfortably. So, we recommend you to invest in winter accessories like a faux fur stole, a cape, and to unveil your best you can go with a long-sleeve wedding outfit in velvet.


Get holiday glitz theme for a wedding

If your wedding is in December or mid-January then, we would especially recommend you to set up the glittery themes like that of Christmas, carnivals, and in case you are going to have a grand wedding then, you can also go with wonderland centrepieces that remind you of winter festivities. Apart from that, don’t forget the glittery candles in the environment to add the more special look to your theme.


One sorted venue for the occasions

For a winter wedding, it is highly suggested to have a banquet hall along with a garden to protect guests from cold and unwanted circumstances like rain or drizzle of snow. So, if you have such venues on your list, make sure to book them on a prior basis to avoid the last minute options and delays.


Incorporate winter colours

A wedding is meant to be a colourful affair. Hence, you need to check up on the warm shades like red, burgundy, black, and gold to give a classic tone as well warmer feel over the shining themes to palatial, destination, beach, or any wedding that you prefer to do.


Warming arrangements for the guests

If you are an excellent host then, before thinking about self, it’s crucial to make a check for your guests as well. Consider making an effort by keeping hot drinks on arrival, or setting up the heaters in an open-area for your guests to make them feel cosy.


Go seasonal for decorations

Opt for greenery in your wedding arrangements and décor. Winter is the best season when you can have a lot of flower options as well budgeted green grassy decorations. Experimenting with the colors in fabric is also a great idea that you can put into your themes as mentioned above!


Small favours big happiness

Doing small things for your guests and gathering present at your wedding is something like an added bonus of gratitude. And, photo booths; return gifts, on spot blankets to wrap up your guests, or free wine are cool to go with.


How to choose perfect wedding venue in udaipur?

wedding venue in udaipur, wedding, wedding planner, event planner

A wedding is about celebrating the love and lifelong commitment between two hearts which unites families and friends to form an endless bond. It is also about making fun -filled memories that transcend the boundaries of love and friendship turning it into ‘one big happy family’! Planning a wedding can be exhilarating and exhausting at the same time. There a number of items on the check-list and ticking off each item can be quite an intimidating task for the couple. Wedding venue in udaipur, Wedding Planner in udaipur

One of the major steps that lay the foundation for all the wedding planning tasks is the selection of a perfect location! The location works as a cornerstone in the complete process of wedding planning as it is not only the favorable choice of place for the scared weddings but also offers the backdrop for a plethora of rituals and ceremonies. The atmosphere of the location is also very important as that is the setting where the families, friends and invitees meet and greet each other for the first time and form new relationships, bonds and memories that last a lifetime.

While zeroing in on an ideal location for not only the wedding but all the celebrations leading up to it is the first pre-requisite in the process. Depending on whether it is a large scale destination-wedding concept or a close intimate affair, a location that can house the required number of guests should be selected.

If it is a grand celebration with a high guest-list, then accommodating the guests also needs to be factored in while choosing the wedding venue. In such a case, a hotel with lavish indoor and outdoor spaces like the The Oberoi Udaivilas Hotel Udaipur would cater to all the essential arrangements and desires and preferences of the guests.

The wedding feast is also a tremendously vital element during Indian weddings! The food and beverage preparations need to be planned well in advance to deliver guests with the ultimate culinary experience that includes an array of cuisines, dessert counters, cocktails, buffet counters, live cooking stations, customizations and much more.

For guests to enjoy in the holiday, the availability of various services around the place of marriage, acts as an added advantage when choosing a location. Outdoor pool, fun activities, various food & beverage outlets, room-service, get-together brunches, live cooking stations, outdoor lawns, spa service etc.. could be a few elements that add to the entertainment value of the wedding.

A pictorial location with stunning views and different types of landscapes provides for numerous photo-ops for the couple, friends and families thus making your wedding picture perfect at every moment!