Revolutionizing an old grown system is hard but not impossible. With the grace of time, the wedding scenarios have changed under the frame of energetic event organizers. And, being in the wedding planning industry is not that piece of cake. But, our wedding planners at Axle Tree EventsChandraveer Singh Chouhan and Brijesh Parwani have been successful in accomplishing the best of work within their portfolio.

One of the leading tycoons in the event planning business, both strengthened the ability and creativity smoothly since the beginning of Axle Tree Events. While covering royal and destination weddings in Udaipur and all over Rajasthan, here are some of their glimpses and statements about the wholesome experience in this industry as event planners in Udaipur.


1. Beginnings and hardships:

“It was a tough task to work out during the launch of the company. Almost no funds, no in-hand project, and most importantly no backup plan to achieve the big bash wedding, it was a real hustle. Building contacts, following an honest approach towards work, and turning night and day all into one, we did our paperwork.

This regular running and on-going attitude towards the betterment of shining in the event industry went successful. We are glad that we tried over and over to make it happen! And, now our organization has been one of the leading event management companies in Udaipur and nearby zones.”


2. Vision to bring Best:

“Axle Tree Events was established to bring magical moments into the weddings. In India and across the world, weddings are time to celebrate and enjoy just like any other festivities. Carrying out arrangements requires enormous efforts in this sector right from the marriage date. Hence, this mandatory lookout was always in mind to create, plan, organize, and execute events in a luxurious style.

Therefore, we went through the research, gained work experience over the field, analyzed our strength and weaknesses while working on small set-ups. After a few years, when we recognized our personal touch that we ensure a wedding or any event should include, we proceeded and continued further.

But, all of this was not enough! We wanted to change the perception of people towards various types of events, weddings, hospitality, and entertainment that can be super fun whenever they flock into the destination of social gathering.

And, that’s where our aim to unlock elegant destination weddings, corporate events, and various ceremonies turned up while planning traditional Indian occasions. While traveling, we showcased our approach initially in other event companies by providing management help or arranging human force for their work. Later, we encouraged ourselves while maintaining contacts with best vendors and recommendations to work on the same scale but with a lot more trendy additions in décor, production, logistics, hospitality, catering, accommodation, etc.”


3. Event Planning was always a dream:

“Throughout the industry, we saw that events in our country are carried conventionally. Living in such beautiful places like Udaipur, Kerala, Goa, and many other cities, people are still afraid to experiment. Many do come up with myths about destination weddings, budget issues, queries about organizing corporate events, royal ceremonies, and much more.

That’s for a reason; we choose event planning as our dream to break all the roundabouts that hit on mind when it comes to huge arrangements.”


4. Team formation with new sources:

“Initially, we were the army of two and worked day and night to conclude whenever we had a big bash to cover. Slowly while steaming up with hard work and efforts, we made a working empire of freelancers along with in-house to bring out of the box stuff in the wedding industry of Udaipur. Along with our resources and vendors, it won’t have been possible to envision great, successful, and exclusiveness in the events.

Currently, we have 40+ vendor sources and 10+ loyal teammates that ensure décor, design, logistics, production, and other basic requirements of destination weddings and other regular events.”


5. Finally, a kick-start:

“Now, with our overall settlement, it’s a time that we have begun working on designing beautiful weddings in several destinations nationwide. Apart from this, success came up after a long wait of six years for our wedding planning company, Axle Tree Events in Udaipur. But it was worth a catch that we are still holding on and wish to enhance it more in the future.”

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