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A Budget Destination Wedding In Jaipur – Here’s All You Need To Know

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What clicks to your mind when you hear the word – “Destination Wedding”! Definitely, the cities of Rajasthan with luxurious facilities, but what’s the most prior aspect that turns up immediately with that? It’s Budget.

Destination weddings in Rajasthan can make you drool and leave you in the blissful experience for the rest of your life until you care about the cost and external charges that you might need to consider before the arrangements.

Especially, if you wish to have a destination wedding in Jaipur and Udaipur, for sure, you have to take the assistance from a wedding planner while looking up to your desires. Here are some of the basic ground rules you should bear in charge before hiring an event planner as well having a destination wedding in Jaipur.

Days and Occasions:

Every wedding is a maximum 2-days event. So, rooms are booked for 3-days and 2-nights as per the arrivals of guests. All of your guests can check-in to the hotel during the daytime on the first day and can attend the Mehendi function followed by lunch. Then, in the evening hours can relish the Sangeet ceremony along with the starters and dinner.

On the D-day, after having breakfast in the morning, the main wedlock can be followed in the day with lunch and reception at night. This schedule you can keep in check with the help of your close family members so that guests can freshen up and check out post breakfast from the venue.

Guest lists:

An expectancy of 150-200 people is always there for the destination wedding. So, no wonder people are going to arrive on their own, and you don’t have to bear the flying or travel cost. And, if you are in no mood to cut off guests and expecting a count of 250 people, then you can catch up with 3-star properties.

The venue for the events:

Places in Jaipur as well Udaipur have the history of carrying the royal charm in them mostly for the weddings. From the palatial location that is centuries old to luxurious hotels and resorts, both Jaipur and Udaipur have the perfect backdrops for a marriage to opt.

So, a 2-day event at any majestic venue with the gathering of around 200 people may cost you about 30-40 lakhs inclusive of your stay. But, a critical thing you need to keep in mind is that Jaipur and Udaipur are always on the top list for the destination weddings. Hence, bookings are to be followed in advance.

Accommodation and Food:

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Preparations for the guests in concern to accommodation and food are tough tasks as you need to be sure to give everything hassle free. 60% of the cost is always on the mark of stay and venue that makes a considerable difference to think for the rest of the facilities.

And, when it’s about food and catering, maximum palatial locations offer that too along with accommodation, a venue with some standard décor to maintain the finest trait of a budgeted destination wedding. Therefore this all can cost around in the valuable packages of 10 lakh per function.

Décor with Production:

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The budget for decoration should be separate for around 10-12 lakhs if you want to go for beautiful surroundings that include floral arrangements, lighting, stage etc.

Collective charges and other amenities:

The list can be as long as you discuss with your folks, as there can be miscellaneous charges for Transportation from the hotel to the venue, Sound & DJ equipment rental, Entertainment like folk artists, Mehndi artists, Pandit, and Favors for the guests.

Tips on the hands:

Apart from all, essential tips and tricks you need to keep on the check are to grab lucrative deals in your package for lunch, dinner, and breakfast in-house. You can also save on the drinks by serving the IMFL rather than expensive alcoholic brands.

And, many of the hotels and resorts assure the laundry and minibar things on the house. So, make sure to talk to them about it on a discounted offer when you book the entire deal.

Overall on a final note we can assume that a modest destination wedding in Jaipur can be wrapped up in a budget of 50-60 Lakhs for a gathering of approximately 150-200 people depending on your choice of 3-star, 4-star, 5-star, and offbeat venues along with accommodation, decoration, food & drinks, and relevant extra cost that can be suggested by your wedding planner or coordinator.


Sangeet Ceremony Ideas: Innovative Ideas To Turn On More Fun In Sangeet Night

Keen for the dance to celebrate your happiness with your folks and friends! Well, Sangeet ceremony is one such function in every wedding that everyone looks forward to relishing the fun of bachelorhood with the close ones. And, it can be more beautiful with the unique ideas and themes to bring the night on fire while dancing and enjoying other stuff.
Check out some of the Sangeet Ceremony ideas to turn on the shine in the event like never before.

1. Amazing Themes and Songs playlist

Sangeet theme, Sangeet Ceremony Ideas, Sangeet night,

Being creative for your event with some captivating themes like Bollywood saga, Retro theme, Moroccan style, or a theme inspired out of Game of Thrones are specially meant to set-up for such occasions. Along with that don’t forget to list out your favorite songs as well latest hits mixed up with the 90’s songs to add the charm to your Sangeet ceremony.

2. The Elders show

Sangeet Ceremony Ideas, Sangeet night, Sufi night

Let the elders begin the show. Call up grannies, grandpas, uncle, aunties, and your parents to kick-start the party in the house to make it up even better for your guests. The party is comforted and looks appealing so much more when it’s blessed with the dance of the former generation.

3. Flash Mob

flash mob, Sangeet Ceremony Ideas, Sangeet night, Sufi night

This new concept has immediately been trending into the weddings and one of the most joyous ways to go ahead with the ceremony. All you need is to plan up an impromptu flash mob with your friends and cousins. Out of the breeze, spread out in the audience and suddenly start with the dancing to make it surprising for all.

4. Witty Q & A round

Any Sangeet is incomplete unless it has those quirky questions and answers round in the mid of the function. So, what you can do is pick up the versatile but crazy questions for your guests and share with your anchor to give a pinch of spiciness with the comical break.

5. Sufi night

Sangeet Ceremony Ideas, Sangeet night, Sufi night

A soulful version of music and dance with a live Qawwali singer can add glamour to your sangeet function. You can set this in the first half of the event until the festive mood is on. When everyone is set to rock & roll, then let the DJ take over the rest of the evening.

6. Mandatory family dance

The night of Sangeet is considered to be way more exceptional because it brings up your families together. Moreover, when it’s about to hold on a spark to your enjoyment, a family dance performance is a must for the occasion.

7. A midnight feast

It takes inevitably long wee hours till the Sangeet night ends. And, your guests might starve after some time! So, it’s better to make prior arrangements with the cart of midnight snacks like popcorns, pizza, and Maggi to help them fight late hours hunger pangs.

Last but not least, you can also keep the award ceremony at the end of the party to keep up with the enthusiasm of your friends and relatives for appreciating their performances of the night. Till then, shoot up with your plans for a wedding and relish the memories for the rest of your life.


Top 5 Unique Entry Ideas For Groom To Reach #BaraatGoals in 2019

Top 5 Unique Entry Ideas For Groom To Reach #BaraatGoals in 2019, wedding planner in udaipur, event planner in udaipur

What it feels like to take charge of your own entry into the wedding to show up your swag, it’s mighty to express that many of the grooms are interested in spicing up their celebration just like their brides. Nowadays, with every passing year, it’s been a task to make a wedding memorable for everyone. People expect something unique always on such events along with other arrangements. And, when it’s about the entry of the groom then, it should be way more special than anything else. No wonder solo entry of the bride and couple entry is appreciated, but groom’s entrance towards the mandap is worthwhile to watch.  

Here are few of the unique entry ideas for the Grooms to be to light up the occasion and ditch that typical entry over the horse with the baraat.

1. Handsome with some gorgeous ladies

groom entry

Oh, Munda Kukkad Kamal Da! Now, this is a concept that sounds crazy but suitable enough for both traditional as well contemporary style wedding. Entry with some gorgeous ladies is a style statement amongst most of the grooms nowadays. And, on top of it, this is the trendiest way to pull off your swag and show that you are not less than your bride.

2. A Royal chariot with cold pyros

How about taking an entry and being the highlight of everyone’s eyes in a majestic form. Royal chariots with horses and with the touch of cold pyros on its sides never go out of choice when it’s about Groom’s entry. Adding brownie points to it this entry is best for couples as well.

3. Love for Vintage or Convertible luxury Car

unique entry ideas for groom

For the racing freaks and the one who is the admirer of vintage cars that can remind anyone of the era of the ’60s then, this is one of the groom entry options that is suggested and convenient too. A vintage beauty or a convertible luxury car can lead your baraat possession to a next level.

4. A quirky bike with sidecar

Grooms can also make the statement in a Bollywood style by taking the inspiration from the movie #Sholay and can arrive on a quirky bike with a sidecar to ditch that black and white feel of every traditional wedding.

5. Segway or an ATV

Have you ever thought of riding a Segway or an ATV! Well, if you haven’t then, why not take an entry to your married life while swaying just like Karan Sing Grover did on his wedding with Bipasha Basu towards the Mandap. Apart from this, a modish ATV is a stunning idea for the groom entry to revive a feeling of adventurous Dulha within you.

So, grooms to be you what’s your entry to the mandap is going to be like? Like a Maharaja, or like a cool guy with a unique style. Whatever you choose to make it worthwhile to show off your brides as well your guests your efforts into your wedding.