The coronavirus outbreak has got a pandemic status. And, this had been a significant issue for all the to-be couples and engaged ones for figuring out their wedding planning and celebrating the milestone event in this situation. 

Marriages all over the world, especially in India, are always a big affair to take in concern. Young ones, old relatives, and so many family members from different corners meet with a great sense of togetherness and enjoyment. 

But, what can right now be done in the scenario, when there is a whole shift in mindsets about hosting and attending big gatherings to this new virus outbreak? 

Analyzing the best practices, here are a few of the measures that you can keep in mind for self and your guest’s safety, comfort, and health. If there have been a few days or only a month left for your engagement or wedding, read these points below for better help. 


  1. Make sure to go for the events on a smaller scale. Don’t keep your gatherings too large and occupied as this is the high time to cut off the socializing as much as you can. 
  2. Try to set-up hand sanitizing stations across the venue, and make sure that guests remain hydrated, feel comfortable with lots of water bottles and alcohol-based wipes. 
  3. Talk to the venue and your booked vendors to ensure the staff working at the wedding are temperature tested (twice a day) and do not suffer from any medical symptoms connected with the Coronavirus. 
  4. Almost many wedding rituals call for close hugs and seek blessings by touching the feet of elderly people. But, in the time of Coronavirus try to avoid this and pay close attention to the person’s body language! Avoid handshaking with any person or going nearby. Encourage ‘Namaste’ to avoid touching feet or hugging. 
  5. Make the possibility of live streaming of your wedding for older guests and any relatives abroad or the loved ones who are avoiding travel and cannot attend the event. 
  6. Try to have functions outdoors in ample spaces where you can set chairs at a standard distance of 1-2m. Proper ventilation and sunlight can decrease the possibility of viral transmission, and your guests also won’t feel overcrowding. 
  7. In place of buffet dinners, try to arrange sit-down dinners for preferable social distancing.
  8. Last yet not least, have a conversation with your close and dear ones who are eager to attend your happiness but could not make it because of virus prohibition. Couples and their families should foresee the unease of travel and gathering that many will feel at this time, and plan accordingly. Weddings planned correctly can be as festive and fabulous ones, if kept everything in mind. 


For couples whose wedding is a few weeks away, start thinking of wedding insurance by talking to your wedding planner. All the to-be-weds should be aware of the term wedding insurance. 

Discuss the possibility with your broker and event coordinator to understand how it works and what it can cover! So you can be assured of different scenarios.

Finally, just remember, no matter how many precautions you take or be careful, you can never be sure that the venue and people working behind the scenes will be ‘100% healthy and safe’. After all, in these times, no place is safer than the other, and not everything can or will happen according to plan. And if your wedding is six months or a year away, don’t stress because the situation is evolving every day.