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Best Locations To Host Intimate 50 People Wedding

The world is now ready to deal with COVID-19. Since the crisis has begun, it also affected the wedding industry on a vast scale. For the past month, we have seen weddings get postponed and many couples suffering from wedding cancellations in Coronavirus time. Living with a disease is never easy, but we have to adjust things somehow. Taking control over the situation and reviving the celebrations, weddings are in a new direction.

In India, marriages are still on the verge while following new guidelines, and everyone seems to accept it for safety and budget purpose. Even with lockdown scenes, people got married within a gathering of approx 50 people in all zones except the containment ones.

So, an intimate 50 people wedding is a great choice to kick start your celebrations in post-quarantine times. But where you can have the set-up for synchronized wedding bells.

Here’s a list of some best venues for intimate and private event to help you sort the plans.

Host wedding at Airbnb

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There are beautiful Airbnb homes in almost every city. So, you can rent out any property for planning a small wedding of 50 people. You can book villas, bungalows, apartments, whatever you prefer with the scenic view of the city from their listings.

Small function spaces

Banquets and party halls that can acquire 50 people are more can also be your choice if you wish to get married once the restrictions are little more lifted. For an intimate wedding, you can pick any budgeted indoor spaces as per your convenience.

Community halls

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Following the hygiene and sanitization standards, in the era of Coronavirus, community halls are good to go for hosting a 50-people intimate wedding. They are usually not accessible to huge crowds as per community standards, so it’s great to have access to them.

Farm Houses

In the outskirts, farmhouses can be the best option for a private event. You can just take the permissions from the legal authorities and make the arrangements with the help of your local vendors and event planner. Also, it would be a private party, so you can be assured of no hindrance to people around.

Outdoor spots

Not attracted towards indoors! Then, seek for outdoor ones. Spaces, like backyards, wedding gardens, or rooftop spaces of any private zones, can let you plan an ultimate intimate wedding. Adding brownie points, it will turn out great for your photographs.

Home Sweet Home

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There is nothing better than a spacious home to host 50 people event. Your home can be the most excellent venue for your wedding if you have ample parking space, garden area, and servants quarters. While hosting the event, you can keep everything under your control and eye on the hygiene, sanitization, food, guests, etc.


So, if you are also planning a wedding in COVID-19 scenes, then make sure to consult ones to the experts and professional event managers on how to execute it better. Till then, #staysafe.


Weddings In COVID-19: Amidst The Lockdown Here’s How To Have Online Wedding

A nationwide lockdown with a lot in consideration in the times has caused wedding cancellations across the country. Coronavirus has not just knocked on the economy but also the celebrations of people at a high cost. The spread of the novel virus and the nationwide quarantine came around as India’s wedding season was in full swing.


In western Rajasthan alone, around 23,000 weddings meant to happen on the Hindu Akshaya Tritiya festival on April 26 were called off and rescheduled due to the pandemic.

However, couples who didn’t let their d-day affected by COVID-19 are going through the trend of online weddings. 


The Internet has played a considerable role during these times. Going digital is way cheaper than having a traditional or destination wedding. With all the online facilities available, the lockdown has been quite unsuccessful for a few couples to dampen their spirit of getting married. 


So far, having a wedding of around 20-30 people is also a task to maintain with complete management to look around with the help of private event management professionals. Here, we have mentioned some of the tricks to have an online wedding in LockdownLockdown while following the precise guidelines to be safe from Coronavirus. 


Go for Home Nuptials


This can be a bit tricky to do self without help if you are thinking of getting married at home. But it’s way more relaxed with the guidance of event management persons. For assuring a professional touch to the online ceremony, there are specific requirements to keep in check, like making arrangements of priest, decor, florals, and makeup artist for the bride. All this can be better in check when the management appointed can prepare the common digital ground, passwords, and credentials to the participants to avoid the strangers’ gatecrashing within the private event. 


Connect Live or Video Calls 


Going live on Facebook or having a video call platform for your wedding scenes is an excellent idea. With these close ones can join over from anywhere across the boundaries to attend the wedding from home. This digital wedding way can let everyone give a virtual presence and blessings without leaving their comfort. 


Have Dedicated Members


Just to make sure that the wedding doesn’t look like an off event. It is important to have in-house mates and special ones over the occasion. Apart from the priest, the wedding management team, and close friends, should not cross the limit of more than 25-30 people for the wedding. In this way, it will be easier to maintain social distance even in the house. 


On-board sanitizers and other essentials


Ask your event managers for the proper sanitization facility, masks, gloves, and separate water bottles for the people present on the spot for wedding-from-home. This will ensure safety from the possibilities of COVID-19 spread. 


Currently, we inevitably miss the grand decor set-ups, wedding destinations, catering, dance, parties, and many more things relevant to ceremonies.  But, keeping safety is also essential for all! No one knows how much time is required to remain in lockdown away from friends and social life. But celebrating within the rules and guidelines is not that tough if you have got reasons to do. 

If you are also planning your quick online wedding or private event, then check here for more. Till then, Stay Home Stay Safe!


Weddings In Coronavirus: How To Get It Done If You Cannot Cancel The Dates?

The outbreak of pandemic COVID-19 has brought too much effect on everyone’s lives. People are also worried about getting things done on an everyday basis. And, if it’s about an event like a wedding then for sure, it’s a super big deal to consider leaving everything behind. 


Having a private wedding is not everyone’s cup of tea. Especially, Indian weddings or destination marriages, which are framed mostly as a big fat traditional celebration. In India, almost all couples and families do have a list of dreams to get the wedding done. So, expecting a private wedding in India is quite hard to consider. 


But, if you are the one whose wedding date cannot be rescheduled or canceled due to more important reasons. Then, here we have a few tips for you to have a private wedding at your home or any place nearby that you can take further in a notice to get an event done successfully in this hard time.


Manage logistics 

It’s quite essential to maintain logistics and travel when it’s about small spaces. Having a wedding in an apartment, backyard, or terrace of the house is doable. In any of the apartment buildings using freight, elevators might require planning. But getting vendors on the same page is a big task to accomplish. Also, calling a caterer, florist, and photographer at the same time can make the place overcrowded. This is where you will require the help of an ideal wedding planner or a wedding coordinator for a day that can help you to figure out logistics for your vendors. 


Get the necessary permits 

Whether you are living in an apartment, your house within the locality, or a farmhouse in the outskirts, it’s necessary to get the permits. If you are living in residential societies, you must find creative ways to get your party going on even in curfew with your family and close ones. Always check with your property manager and obtain permission from higher authorities to keep up with your private wedding.


Don’t underrate costing

An essential point to have is budget. Don’t ever think that getting married at the ancestral property of your own, or in a huge backyard is going to cut costs. Moreover, you have to make arrangements right from scratch while decorating the venue, setting up the mini disco, lightings, sitting arrangement, linens, drinks, food, etc. Even many of us think that if the location is our own, it will be a cheaper affair and will save a lot of money. But, in some cases, it turns out even more expensive.


Have a backup plan for emergency crises

“Always have a Plan B just to have another way to make Plan A successful.” This is suitable enough if you are going to have a backyard wedding, or in a bungalow. Rent a generator, keep extra linens, seating chairs, and other stuff to settle any emergency that comes around. If having a garden wedding, then make sure to cover the area with the waterproof tents to protect everything from the rain. And, if you have the arrangement indoors, make sure that lights should not go during this time.  


Arrange essentials for the mains

In the time of the Coronavirus outbreak, it’s crucial to keep the surrounding of your private wedding venue also neat and clean. Have sanitizers, extra water cans, general medications, and long-lasting edibles ready in stock. In the worst cases of bugs, ticks, and mosquitos who don’t need an invitation to crash your party, make sure to use insecticides in a better way. You can hire professionals to spray your property in advance to get rid of all at once. 


Keep the party well-lighted

Lighting is important, whether you are having an in-house wedding or outdoors. A well-lit space is going to get the best photographs for your memories. Do consider options of string lights, lanterns, uplighting, and chandeliers. Also, don’t forget to rent the generator for that extra power drain in the house while staying up with the arrangements. 


Invite only the special ones

This can be a tough thing to do, right! But, during this time, avoid collecting people for your private wedlock. Try to keep gathering as small as possible of approximately 20 people. It will be way more ideal to have just parents, grandparents, and 1-2 friends. And, if you have a large family of 15-20 people, then have a word with your wedding planner about the specifications to take in charge of conducting the ceremony.

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