The outbreak of pandemic COVID-19 has brought too much effect on everyone’s lives. People are also worried about getting things done on an everyday basis. And, if it’s about an event like a wedding then for sure, it’s a super big deal to consider leaving everything behind. 


Having a private wedding is not everyone’s cup of tea. Especially, Indian weddings or destination marriages, which are framed mostly as a big fat traditional celebration. In India, almost all couples and families do have a list of dreams to get the wedding done. So, expecting a private wedding in India is quite hard to consider. 


But, if you are the one whose wedding date cannot be rescheduled or canceled due to more important reasons. Then, here we have a few tips for you to have a private wedding at your home or any place nearby that you can take further in a notice to get an event done successfully in this hard time.


Manage logistics 

It’s quite essential to maintain logistics and travel when it’s about small spaces. Having a wedding in an apartment, backyard, or terrace of the house is doable. In any of the apartment buildings using freight, elevators might require planning. But getting vendors on the same page is a big task to accomplish. Also, calling a caterer, florist, and photographer at the same time can make the place overcrowded. This is where you will require the help of an ideal wedding planner or a wedding coordinator for a day that can help you to figure out logistics for your vendors. 


Get the necessary permits 

Whether you are living in an apartment, your house within the locality, or a farmhouse in the outskirts, it’s necessary to get the permits. If you are living in residential societies, you must find creative ways to get your party going on even in curfew with your family and close ones. Always check with your property manager and obtain permission from higher authorities to keep up with your private wedding.


Don’t underrate costing

An essential point to have is budget. Don’t ever think that getting married at the ancestral property of your own, or in a huge backyard is going to cut costs. Moreover, you have to make arrangements right from scratch while decorating the venue, setting up the mini disco, lightings, sitting arrangement, linens, drinks, food, etc. Even many of us think that if the location is our own, it will be a cheaper affair and will save a lot of money. But, in some cases, it turns out even more expensive.


Have a backup plan for emergency crises

“Always have a Plan B just to have another way to make Plan A successful.” This is suitable enough if you are going to have a backyard wedding, or in a bungalow. Rent a generator, keep extra linens, seating chairs, and other stuff to settle any emergency that comes around. If having a garden wedding, then make sure to cover the area with the waterproof tents to protect everything from the rain. And, if you have the arrangement indoors, make sure that lights should not go during this time.  


Arrange essentials for the mains

In the time of the Coronavirus outbreak, it’s crucial to keep the surrounding of your private wedding venue also neat and clean. Have sanitizers, extra water cans, general medications, and long-lasting edibles ready in stock. In the worst cases of bugs, ticks, and mosquitos who don’t need an invitation to crash your party, make sure to use insecticides in a better way. You can hire professionals to spray your property in advance to get rid of all at once. 


Keep the party well-lighted

Lighting is important, whether you are having an in-house wedding or outdoors. A well-lit space is going to get the best photographs for your memories. Do consider options of string lights, lanterns, uplighting, and chandeliers. Also, don’t forget to rent the generator for that extra power drain in the house while staying up with the arrangements. 


Invite only the special ones

This can be a tough thing to do, right! But, during this time, avoid collecting people for your private wedlock. Try to keep gathering as small as possible of approximately 20 people. It will be way more ideal to have just parents, grandparents, and 1-2 friends. And, if you have a large family of 15-20 people, then have a word with your wedding planner about the specifications to take in charge of conducting the ceremony.