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Young And Leading Wedding Planners Of Udaipur At Axle Tree Events

Revolutionizing an old grown system is hard but not impossible. With the grace of time, the wedding scenarios have changed under the frame of energetic event organizers. And, being in the wedding planning industry is not that piece of cake. But, our wedding planners at Axle Tree EventsChandraveer Singh Chouhan and Brijesh Parwani have been successful in accomplishing the best of work within their portfolio.

One of the leading tycoons in the event planning business, both strengthened the ability and creativity smoothly since the beginning of Axle Tree Events. While covering royal and destination weddings in Udaipur and all over Rajasthan, here are some of their glimpses and statements about the wholesome experience in this industry as event planners in Udaipur.


1. Beginnings and hardships:

“It was a tough task to work out during the launch of the company. Almost no funds, no in-hand project, and most importantly no backup plan to achieve the big bash wedding, it was a real hustle. Building contacts, following an honest approach towards work, and turning night and day all into one, we did our paperwork.

This regular running and on-going attitude towards the betterment of shining in the event industry went successful. We are glad that we tried over and over to make it happen! And, now our organization has been one of the leading event management companies in Udaipur and nearby zones.”


2. Vision to bring Best:

“Axle Tree Events was established to bring magical moments into the weddings. In India and across the world, weddings are time to celebrate and enjoy just like any other festivities. Carrying out arrangements requires enormous efforts in this sector right from the marriage date. Hence, this mandatory lookout was always in mind to create, plan, organize, and execute events in a luxurious style.

Therefore, we went through the research, gained work experience over the field, analyzed our strength and weaknesses while working on small set-ups. After a few years, when we recognized our personal touch that we ensure a wedding or any event should include, we proceeded and continued further.

But, all of this was not enough! We wanted to change the perception of people towards various types of events, weddings, hospitality, and entertainment that can be super fun whenever they flock into the destination of social gathering.

And, that’s where our aim to unlock elegant destination weddings, corporate events, and various ceremonies turned up while planning traditional Indian occasions. While traveling, we showcased our approach initially in other event companies by providing management help or arranging human force for their work. Later, we encouraged ourselves while maintaining contacts with best vendors and recommendations to work on the same scale but with a lot more trendy additions in décor, production, logistics, hospitality, catering, accommodation, etc.”


3. Event Planning was always a dream:

“Throughout the industry, we saw that events in our country are carried conventionally. Living in such beautiful places like Udaipur, Kerala, Goa, and many other cities, people are still afraid to experiment. Many do come up with myths about destination weddings, budget issues, queries about organizing corporate events, royal ceremonies, and much more.

That’s for a reason; we choose event planning as our dream to break all the roundabouts that hit on mind when it comes to huge arrangements.”


4. Team formation with new sources:

“Initially, we were the army of two and worked day and night to conclude whenever we had a big bash to cover. Slowly while steaming up with hard work and efforts, we made a working empire of freelancers along with in-house to bring out of the box stuff in the wedding industry of Udaipur. Along with our resources and vendors, it won’t have been possible to envision great, successful, and exclusiveness in the events.

Currently, we have 40+ vendor sources and 10+ loyal teammates that ensure décor, design, logistics, production, and other basic requirements of destination weddings and other regular events.”


5. Finally, a kick-start:

“Now, with our overall settlement, it’s a time that we have begun working on designing beautiful weddings in several destinations nationwide. Apart from this, success came up after a long wait of six years for our wedding planning company, Axle Tree Events in Udaipur. But it was worth a catch that we are still holding on and wish to enhance it more in the future.”

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Top 5 Taj Palaces For Destination Wedding

A once-in-a-lifetime occasion, a wedding is a very special event that deserves to be hosted in venues that match the vision, scale and rich sentiments of the celebrations. That’s why the grand properties of Taj Palaces make for fascinating wedding venues with their noble spaces, unique architecture, luxurious decor and unparalleled hospitality that the chain is known for.

Taj is the custodian of some of India’s most iconic palaces in India that are steeped in history. These wonderful properties infuse modern weddings with a fashionable mythical vibe. Everlasting Weddings at the Taj embody the long-term legacy of heritage and celebrations hosted here result in lasting memories.

Taj Palaces serve up attractive experiences for weddings, be it in the form of a couple’s entry in an antiquated horse-drawn carriage, or a vintage car, alongside multi-course dinners in royal dining spaces where every guest feels like royal family. Take a look at a few real-life weddings hosted at some Taj Palaces that allow couples to escape the expected and step into the luxurious world of Indian royalty.

1. Umaid Bhawan Palace (Jodhpur)

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An ornament in Jodhpur’s crown, the expansive five-star Umaid Bhawan Palace, situated at the highest point on Chittar Hill, is an supreme property built between 1928-1943. Its 26 acres of deluxe grasslands offer a beautiful contrast to the extensive front of the sandstone structure. Guests will love staying in the 70 Art-Deco style rooms and suites, and exploring the internal museum. A wedding here is bound to impress anyone who attends thanks to the gorgeous majesty of it all, while the warm hospitality ensures that every guest will feel like they are at a home away from home.

2. Taj Lake Palace (Udaipur)

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A summer palace built in 1743, the white architecture of the Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur, is a fascinating view as it appears to be floating on the peaceful waters of Lake Pichola. Reachable only by boats, this property offers magnificent views of the Aravalli and Machla Magra Hills and Jag Mandir that is located nearby. With 65 luxurious rooms and 18 grand suites, Taj Lake Palace is the perfect destination for a friendly wedding with a royal feeling. Every corner of this heritage property offers a vantage point for perfect pictures, be it the terraces, kingly courtyards, ballrooms and beautiful corridors.

3. Taj Falaknuma Palace (Hyderabad)

Taj Falaknuma Palace Hyderabad, Wedding in Hyderabad, destination wedding in hyderabad, event planner in hyderabad

The former palace of the Nizam of Hyderabad, the Taj Falaknuma Palace is a magical residence in the clouds as it is situated 2,000 feet above the bustling capital city of Telangana. The rich heritage of the ‘City of Pearls’ shines in every corner of this five-star colonial-style property that dates back to 1894. It offers a enchanting mix of vintage experiences – think attractive horse-drawn carriages and opulent Belgian chandeliers – to modern and luxurious amenities. Almost every corner of the Taj Falaknuma Palace makes for a persuasive frame, be it the Grand Staircase, slumping gardens, or the magnificent Durbar Hall. Relive the imperial lives of the princely Nizams with every celebration hosted here and relax in style with your pick from the 60 restored rooms and suites of this stunning property.

4. Jai Mahal Palace (Jaipur)

Top 5 Taj Palaces for Destination Wedding, Taj Jai Mahal Palace Jaipur, wedding in jaipur, wedding planner in jaipur, destination wedding planner in jaipur, event planner in jaipur

It doesn’t get any impressive than the Jai Mahal Palace in the ‘Pink City’ of Jaipur which was built in 1745 and is now a five-star luxury hotel. The striking property showcases Indo-Saracen architecture and is set in the middle of 18 acres of landscaped Mughal gardens. With 94 rooms and suites, Jai Mahal Palace offers superior place options, and caters to both adjoining events and large-scale functions. Majestic lifestyle here before stepping out to explore the shopping and sightseeing attractions of Jaipur City, located just a short distance away.

5. Rambagh Palace (Jaipur)

Destination wedding in jaipur, Rambagh palace jaipur, Top 5 Taj Palaces for Destination Wedding

History comes alive at Jaipur’s Rambagh Palace which was built in 1835. From the hand-carved marble structure to the sandstone handrails and striking domes, this splendid property was the residence of the Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II and his queen, Maharani Gayatri Devi. Its 78 refurbished rooms are stunning with luxurious decor and all modern comforts. The best of Rajput dignity is marked here, from the clipped gardens to the 18th-century ballroom with magnificent crystal crown, sports-themed Polo Bar and diverse indoor and outdoor events spaces.


Rocking Pool Party Ideas To Follow To Make Event Fun-filled

Is your wedding going to be in summer or over the hot destinations where the swimming pool is highly recommended? Since, 3-4 years, parties at the Poolside have been in trend, and many couples wish to keep it if they are going to have a destination wedding.

Even for intimate royal gatherings, people desire to have a Pool Party. So, keeping this in mind while brainstorming, we decided to share with you some of the rocking pool party ideas that you can follow to make your event or wedding fabulous and memorable for your guests!


1. Get fun floaters

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A pool party is incomplete without the floaters and different types of accessories like balls, swim rings, and various cool floaties that are super fun in photographs too.


2. Drinks on priority

Ahaa! Now, this is something everyone is excited for! Variants of Cocktails and Mocktails, which are quite a way essential for Instagram fanatics, photographers, and other people in your party to enjoy and beat the heat.


3. Splashing games

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Image Source:Romesh Dhamija Productions

Playing adds an extra charm to your pool party. So, don’t forget to arrange ground and water games for guests to make the event even better.


4. Organize a Photo Booth

wedding pool party photo booth, wedding pool party, destination wedding pool party, wedding planner in udaipur, wedding planner in rajasthan, wedding planner in india, event planner in udaipur, event planner in rajasthan, best wedding planner in udaipur

Image Source:Wishtree Weddings

How about a selfie booth along with photography props? Sounds fun, isn’t’ it! Well, this is quite classy as you can try this even on other wedding events too.

5. Swimming oriented dress code


Keep a dress code for guests whether they are girls, boys, women, or men. Before sending the invitation card, put a note of wearing a swimming costume that is comfortable as per their convenience.


6. Custom item giveaways

wedding return gifts, wedding essentials, wedding planner in udaipur, wedding pool party, pool party

One of the latest trends that have been increasing from the past few years is customized wedding items that you can present to your guests as the return gifts. Exciting giveaways like T-Shirts, Caps, or any other stuff can be on the lists while binding it up in Nautical Theme, and you can make it available in your pool party.


7. Coordinated squad outfits

Image Source:Romesh Dhamija Productions

Your squad should look little contrary from the rest of the guests. Whether you are a host or hostess, you should have coordinated outfits for your particular mates. Notably, at the time of destination wedding, if you are going to have one function of Pool Party, then this is the best time to get same apparels to add charm to photographs.


8. Don’t forget the poolside lounger and Canopies

If you have a summer wedding or your guests have arrived lately from a long journey and going to attend the party right away, it’s necessary to keep relaxing poolside loungers and canopies. Though it is ideal for every guest to chill out, sit back, and indulge self into amusement. Also, it can indeed be a good activity for lazy lads.


9. Something to use right on the spot!

Few of the guests might forget sunscreen, shades, or not willing to bring and use their expensive ones. So, you can do the favors by providing them budgeted sunglasses and sunblock creams.


10. Water-resistant décor

The decoration of the party should be damn amazing to give everyone the pool party goals and hashtag to post and have the hangover even after the event is over.


11. Hot piping starters and food

Last yet not least, mouth-watering food is a must-have to delight their Bon appetite! You can keep the usual but alluring dishes like pancakes, fritters, salads, or live barbecue counter to serve grilled variants of veg & non-veg as per the menu.


Fellas! Here we have suggested you the best pool party ideas to follow on destination weddings and royal events. If you wanted to plan something like this for your guests, feel free to share your query with our best wedding and event planners.

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