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Planning Wedding In Dubai: A Financial Guide To Get Married In U.A.E.

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A dream of getting married in Dubai is a hefty affair to get accomplished. Time involved, costing, and commitment efforts are the important things to look when you have a wedding in the zone of U.A.E.
Being as one of the exotic and luxurious options for a destination wedding, Dubai is the place where one can imagine a grand Arabian-desert themed wedding, and beach wedlock involved with the smooth blend of culture.
But, before planning your wedding in Dubai, there are some of the crucial factors in the aspect of finance and commercial sources that you need to check out on a previous note to make it successful.


Dubai is a location that comes with a filthy price tag to get married. Though it’s a fantastic option to consider but couple and families should have the average cost ranging from $81,000 (Dh300, 000) to $136,000 (Dh500, 000). And, on the other side, a lavish wedding can cost in millions. Despite the high costs, Arabic, Indian, and Western expatriate couples can throw a $27,000 (Dh100, 000) wedding by going economically on hotel packages, amenities, slashing the guest list, décor, and shopping during off-seasons.


A peak point where couples and families can be satisfied because almost hotel venues in Dubai offer luxurious facilities. Also, there is a benefit to going to places that are legally allowed to serve alcohol.
Moreover, one needs to decide whether to have a glamorous wedding in a ballroom, open garden setting, or over the beach. So far, it is advisable to book a single venue as early as possible to cut the cost, assure convenience, and avoid the last minute changes or delays. And, if you can probably get a package of the hotels, that’s also a better thing to consider.

Suppliers and Dealers

When you are planning a wedding in Dubai, make sure to hire a wedding planner for it as they can help you better in coordinating with all the details. Especially, when it comes to suppliers and dealers, they know better whom to trust and get the ideal stuff for décor, food, beverages, and other amenities.
Concerning local stores, musicians, DJ artist, boutique shops, makeup artist, and so much more, a wedding planner can let you reach to familiar ones as Dubai has covered everything in the bucket for you!

Bookings and Date Schedule

On and off-seasons are must to consider for all types of events. And, in Dubai, the prime time when a wedding can be hosted best is in October and May. So, make sure to send out dates earlier to let the guests know about your destination because it’s the matter of Visa that is to be considered.
There is a requirement of time to process the Visa within a few days to check beforehand.


Weddings are not just about living a dream it involves paperwork too, especially destination weddings. For a couple to get legally wed in Dubai, one of the parties needs to be a resident. And, If one person is a resident of U.A.E., then the process of getting married depends on which religion and nationality you are.
Paperwork requires the minimum of a month in the Gulf countries. Before this, you may need permission from your nation, which can also take a few months to complete.
The other option that is also a popular choice for expats, as well as visitors, is a blessing ceremony. It is advisable that you legally marry before hosting the celebration. This will make your wedding day a little less stressful.


Destination Wedding Packages In Udaipur To Amaze Your Mind To The Core

Are you also planning to have a destination wedding in Udaipur? If, your answer is yes! Then, probably you won’t regret visiting one of the most romantic cities for your wedlock.

Weddings are meant to be quite a special event in everyone’s life. But, dealing in a smart way and having a budget-friendly affair without compromising on happening details is the keynote to consider.

Moreover, when you wish to have your wedding setup in the top-notch venue over the land of Kings and Queens with majestic royal palaces, forts, picturesque lakes and lots more in the background, then here you can check out some of the amazing destination wedding packages in Udaipur that will blow your mind to the core. And, while going thoroughly to the costs, locations, accommodations, and other details, you may find your desires covered in all.

High Rated Wedding Package

Destination wedding packages in udaipur, destination wedding in udaipur


These packages of weddings are concerned to be the most luxurious ones with the fairy tale affairs. Properties, hospitality, and all the things inclusive in it are relevant to the seven stars and five stars rated hotels. And, the cost of per event may vary from 20 Lakh to 41 Lakh depending on the capacity of guests and arrangements done.

In Udaipur, the palatial royal weddings arrive under this category where locations are more probably HRH group of hotels, Lake Palace, The Leela Palace Udaipur, and Oberoi Udai Vilas. Whereas, in turn to accommodation for guests rooms can highly cost from 30,000 to 40,000 that can be divided between 3500-6500 per person with meals included.

Apart from food and rooms, decoration, laundry service, and other charges of the wedding are exclusive.

So, one can expect a highest royal wedding costing approximately 1Cr. to 3Cr where you can sum up everything for your guests.

Moderate Royal Wedding Package

Destination wedding packages in udaipur, Destination wedding in udaipur


Influential and preferable enough this wedding is also possible for the ones who wish to have a king size dream wedlock in a modest budget. This category sums up all the 3-4 star hotels where accommodations, meals, and other facilities are provided to the guests with a significant aspect of hospitality. Locations like Radisson Blu Udaipur, Trident, Chunda Palace, Ramada Resort, Ananta Resort, etc. are comprised for moderate royal weddings, if you go for a single ceremony at each event.

And, probably, if you have multiple ceremonies, then you can book one location like Oberoi Udai Vilas or the Leela Udaipur to accomplish the same within budget.

So far, one can consider the budget of this category of the wedding around 1Cr. or less.

Budget-Friendly Royal Wedding

Destination Wedding packages in udaipur, Destination wedding in udaipur

Act smart and work on specific facts while saving those extra bucks can be more reliable with this category of weddings. These weddings also include properties of 3-4 star hotels like Chunda Palace, Shourya Garh Resort, Royal Retreat Resort, Hotel Lakend and other lavish places with the most excellent amenities for your guests.

But, yeah! One thing to consider while having this type of destination wedding in Udaipur can cost more off travel expenses, which in turn a professional event planner or experts can cover from the accommodation of the guests.

And, these weddings can cost in the budget of 70-80 Lakhs approximately, which is a standard range of any grand Indian wedding nowadays.


So, before going up with the bookings of any of these destination wedding packages in Udaipur make sure to consider the best wedding planner or event professionals for a special day to make it more memorable.


How to choose perfect wedding venue in udaipur?

wedding venue in udaipur, wedding, wedding planner, event planner

A wedding is about celebrating the love and lifelong commitment between two hearts which unites families and friends to form an endless bond. It is also about making fun -filled memories that transcend the boundaries of love and friendship turning it into ‘one big happy family’! Planning a wedding can be exhilarating and exhausting at the same time. There a number of items on the check-list and ticking off each item can be quite an intimidating task for the couple. Wedding venue in udaipur, Wedding Planner in udaipur

One of the major steps that lay the foundation for all the wedding planning tasks is the selection of a perfect location! The location works as a cornerstone in the complete process of wedding planning as it is not only the favorable choice of place for the scared weddings but also offers the backdrop for a plethora of rituals and ceremonies. The atmosphere of the location is also very important as that is the setting where the families, friends and invitees meet and greet each other for the first time and form new relationships, bonds and memories that last a lifetime.

While zeroing in on an ideal location for not only the wedding but all the celebrations leading up to it is the first pre-requisite in the process. Depending on whether it is a large scale destination-wedding concept or a close intimate affair, a location that can house the required number of guests should be selected.

If it is a grand celebration with a high guest-list, then accommodating the guests also needs to be factored in while choosing the wedding venue. In such a case, a hotel with lavish indoor and outdoor spaces like the The Oberoi Udaivilas Hotel Udaipur would cater to all the essential arrangements and desires and preferences of the guests.

The wedding feast is also a tremendously vital element during Indian weddings! The food and beverage preparations need to be planned well in advance to deliver guests with the ultimate culinary experience that includes an array of cuisines, dessert counters, cocktails, buffet counters, live cooking stations, customizations and much more.

For guests to enjoy in the holiday, the availability of various services around the place of marriage, acts as an added advantage when choosing a location. Outdoor pool, fun activities, various food & beverage outlets, room-service, get-together brunches, live cooking stations, outdoor lawns, spa service etc.. could be a few elements that add to the entertainment value of the wedding.

A pictorial location with stunning views and different types of landscapes provides for numerous photo-ops for the couple, friends and families thus making your wedding picture perfect at every moment!

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