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Best Wedding Venues In Pushkar For Hosting A Royal Union

“Marriages are made in heaven, but celebrated on earth.” For admiring the unity of two souls written right from the birth requirement of wedding venue hits on the peak on priority. And, choosing a wedding destination like Pushkar is something that can leave people amazed but excited as well. One of the offbeat destinations in the region of Rajasthan, this small town has cultural vibes that are magnificent and relaxing for the hipsters.

Blessed with local economic markets and beautiful temples to visit, the city also has few of the wedding venues that can turn up comfy vacation mode of any of the visitors.

Here we have listed the best wedding venues in Pushkar as per our consideration for hosting your destination wedlock.


1. Kanj Avtar Resort:

The property is near to all the areas of transport, which makes it ideal for stay and visiting commercial establishments in and around the city. Kanj Avtar Resort is a suitable wedding venue that offers all the facilities, leisure, and hospitality for your guests. The property is versatile for every occasion from Cocktail to reception and can accommodate 750 guests within its area of Banquet and Lawn.


2. Winter Mountain Resort:

Summed up with a pleasant ambiance, Winter Mountain Resort is located by Vaam Dev Road in Pushkar. One of the destination wedding venues, this property has two lawns to accommodate up to 1000 to 2000 guests approximately at a single time. Hence, one can easily select this place for the reception or any other special occasions for a wholesome gathering.


3. Dera Masuda:

Wedding Venues In Pushkar, destination wedding in udaipur

A luxurious resort in the city of temples for hosting grand and royal weddings! Dera Masuda is one of the top wedding venues in Pushkar that is surrounded by natural greenery. The property has 30 rooms comprised of outstanding facilities, serene outdoor backdrops, and swimming pool by the side of lush green gardens for making the stay comfortable and wedding memorable for your guests.


4. The Westin Pushkar Resort & Spa:

Wedding Venues In Pushkar, destination wedding planner in udaipur

This is one of the best luxury resorts and wedding venue in the city of temples! The Westin Pushkar Resort & Spa is the famous relic to experience traditional hospitality with advanced facilities and global standards of services. The property can board around 500 guests within its banquet and garden area for a destination wedding, party, or any special gathering. Apart from all, it has 98 rooms, which is ideal enough for the accommodation of your guests.


5. Aaram Baagh by Pachar Group:

Wedding Venues In Pushkar, Destination wedding planner in pushkar

It’s a beautiful, affluent resort that has a peaceful arena and located in the outskirts of Pushkar in Village Motisar, Ganhera. Aaram Baagh Resort & Spa is one of the unique destination wedding venues with 71 tents to accommodate your guests. The property has two lawns, which can host around 800 people. There are two banquet halls for indoor events with the seating of 100 in each and all the in-house facilities available for the pleasure of your wedding guests.


6. Bhanwar Singh Palace:

Wedding Venues In Pushkar, Destination wedding planner in pushkar

A palatial property situated away from the entire bustle and hustle of the city, Bhanwar Singh Palace is a luxury independent spa resort that offers 61 modern rooms divided as 44 Royal Villas and 17 Standard Rooms. The resort boasts a fantastic view of Aravalli Mountains and five outlets including a bar, center lawn, all-day dining hall, one private party garden, and a grand tranquil courtyard that can hold up to 8000 people at a time for any function.


7. Sajjan Bagh:

Wedding Venues In Pushkar, destination wedding planner in pushkar

Situated in the rose valley of Pushkar, Sajjan Bagh is a wedding venue that is hosting royal affairs since 1999. The place has an elegant lawn that can hold around 700 people with a seating capacity of 500 people for intimate gatherings and ceremonies. Most of all, the festive appeal of this property leaves everyone delighted with unmatched exuberance.


Fellas! If you are planning to have a destination wedding in Rajasthan, then do consider this list of best wedding venues in Pushkar to have an imperial experience for your lifelong memories.


Why Do You Need To Hire A Royal Wedding Planner In Udaipur?

Do you wish to have a royal wedding in Venice of the east – Udaipur? Are you the one who admires the aura of Historical palaces, forts, and stories of Kings and Queens! Then, for sure, you will love the concepts that go in and around the destination wedding in Udaipur. But to host and organize a big fat Indian wedding in the mecca of destination wedding place is not that piece of cake! It’s always recommended to hire a destination-wedding planner or event organizer to solve the principal purpose of arrangements and many more things that are involved in the ceremonies of an illustrious wedding.

Event personals and royal wedding planners in Udaipur make the entire scenario easier enough when it’s about handling events. Therefore, here you need to know for what specific reasons you need the one to search and hire!


Aware of Culture in Udaipur:

The royal wedding planners based in Udaipur are pretty knowledgeable about the culture and people. Whether you belong to any field, caste, or creed, they will make the management great enough for your weddings by giving all those artistic flavors you might wish on your mind during your first deal with them.


Location and Venue Leads:

Best destination wedding planners in Udaipur will always have ideal locations and leads of the different venues like resorts, hotels, and palace properties for your multiple events. And, if you have hired a royal wedding planner than Bravo! He or she will surely have a bucket of leads of 5-star hotels in Udaipur that might be mentioned in their portfolio.


Vendors and Huge Back-end Team:

Arrangements of catering, décor, and accommodations are the priority of any wedding planner. Hence, it’s not that easy also to get local vendors and a large working team on-hand or on a single phone call while doing the management. But, a royal wedding planner will always be aware of the extreme situations that can happen in any function or ceremony. That’s for a reason, event planners in Udaipur are necessary to hire and work with especially for the vast arrangements and contacts.


Hassle-Free organization:

It’s merely not that convenient to do everything on a single base. When it comes to a destination wedding in the place like Udaipur, it’s must to chose wisely event organizers that are expert in handling the royal hospitality and affairs for sure shot trouble free planning.


Assures the Best of Royal Touch in Budget:

So far royal wedding planners in Udaipur keep everything in mind as per the clients. For imparting the best yet regal touch that too in Budget is marked as priority many of the times. Therefore, you can be sure of it that a chance for making arrangements of a thoughtful set-up, they are must considering.


Overall, people! You can surely hire a royal wedding planner in Udaipur if he or she can touch all the expected grounds that we have mentioned here. Till then, stay tuned for more.


Things To Check Before Hiring A Best Destination Wedding Planner In Udaipur

Organizing a wedding nowadays is a huge responsibility, and so far when it’s about traditional royal weddings, there is a must requirement of a wedding planner. The arrangements, as well as the mess of royal destination weddings, are something that expert event managers are always aware of. And, so far when you have decided to get hitched into the venues of Udaipur, Jaipur, Goa, Chennai, and other ideal places, it’s a prominent aspect to consider a destination wedding planner for your D-Day.

Especially, to call up for a wedding, nothing can beat the beautiful city of Lakes where there are best of 5-star properties, resorts, palaces, forts, and nearby locations. But, finding the best destination wedding planner in Udaipur is a task to assure a memorable lifetime event for you and your guests.

Hence, here we have some checkpoints that you need to keep in mind before hiring a destination wedding planner in Udaipur.


1. Ninja of Local Places:

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If you are in Udaipur, this is a keynote to list that your event expert should be specifically from the local edges and connected to the roots of traditions and culture. The destination wedding planner should be well-known to all the reasonable and best venues, resorts, and hotels, where you can plan your wedding or accommodate your guests and relatives during wedding time. Also, the event person should be responsible enough in carrying out the local glances in other arrangements like Catering, Artists performances, décor, and logistics for the guests.


2. Contacts Perfectionist:

Personified enough the destination wedding planner should possess this thing at a single call. He or she must have the contacts of all the reliable and trustworthy vendors as well as hotel person along with the entire staff working during the event or wedding function. An event manager with all the legal details and keeper of contacts from higher to lower can only handle every aspect to accomplish a memorable destination wedding.


3. Experience with Back-ups:

During the functions or any time of the wedding imagine a mess with the in-house lack of arrangements and your guests are getting pissed off, as things are not in an orderly manner. Seems like a nightmare right! Marriages are made in heaven, but their arrangements are made over the place. And, at the time of the wedding there’s a possibility of big crises to come over. So, for everything, your wedding planner should be experienced enough along with a back-up option available every time to put into the efforts to ensure a hassle-free event.


4. Custom Detail Maker:

Turning your dream fairy-tale wedding or a royal affair as per your customization is a big challenge for every wedding planner and organizer. But, this is one of the most crucial traits that make him or her a genius wedding coordinator. So, a custom detailing of a royal wedding is a must have assured by the toastmaster.


5. Budget Maintaining Champion:

Though traditional Indian weddings and Palace weddings in Udaipur are not so, budget-friendly events but the one with a creative mind can make them little economic as per clients’ convenience. So, when you talk to your destination wedding planners in Udaipur make sure to give a handsome budget and your choice as well to bestow not just better but best out of all.


Fellas! While deciding on hiring a best destination wedding planner in Udaipur, here we have suggested you some of the checkpoints to list out. And, if you want to find all of these at a single context, then try us at the Axle Tree Events, and we will surely make it up for you without any bustle and hustle.