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How to choose a Wedding Planner

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When you planning your dream wedding, there are several things to think of and take care of, that getting a professional to help you and ensure you have a perfect day is a must!  We share 5 tips about choosing a wedding planner, who to hire and what to expect:


Wedding Planners are involved in the earlier planning aspects and make the game-plan for your wedding. They include location searching and help build and update budgets and planning agendas. They seek out your best event partners and attend meetings to confirm that everybody is speaking the same language. They will analysis your event partner contracts before signing to ensure that all is as desired. They arrange one-to-one planning meetings and help you along the way. Some wedding planners also provide costume services, helping with the creative specifics of your wedding day, while others opt to leave those details to a costume designer.

We advise a planner for any wedding that involves bringing in a heavy logistics day (meaning, you have to bring everything in from a light bulb to a fork). There are lots of moving parts with preparation, that having someone manage the budget and build an effective team for you wins 1/2 the battle.


When selecting a wedding planner, it is important to catch somebody that you completely trust and get along well with.  This person will be responsible for turning your dream wedding into a real wedding and has a lot of control over where your money gets spent. Choose cleverly! Remember that throughout your planning time, you will be meeting them often, going places together and emailing back and forth, so it is important that your personalities compliment one another. Make an appointment to meet them face-to-face to check if their style suits yours. It’s almost like dating all over again!


After you have found your wedding planner, sit down with them and go over your agreement openly, point by point and in person. Every planner is different and some are ready to do more and some less. Make sure that you each know exactly what you are expecting, so that there are no dissatisfactions later on. Be honest your planner can only help you if they know exactly what you want. Communication is everything!


The major downfall I have seen in customers is that there is so much information online which can send couples for a tizzy, impeding the opportunity to make final decisions.

  • If you find yourself uncertain about choices and overwhelmed by the availability of information, hire a planner to streamline concepts and possibilities.
  • If you are a full time employee and only have after hours and week-ends to give to wedding planner, hire a planner to assist doing some of the footwork with vendors for you.

Usually wedding planners will offer complete packages that include some planning meetings and phone calls to help ensure you are making the right decisions and entertaining the appropriate options for your D-day. Fairly, they become a wedding-therapist and ensure you don’t suffer from sleepless nights.


Don’t expect your wedding planner to have all the details and notes. Write things down along the planning so that when you have check-ins and meetings you are well planned and ideas can be flushed out smoothly.


Top wedding Trousseau trends of 2018

Weddings are the event to exhibit our best collection of wardrobes and time to make fashion statement. The pictures clicked during wedding will be treasured forever and nobody wants to stay behind the popular trends. Wedding trends keep changing and so should your collection be updated. Here are the amazing wedding dress trends for this season which you help you get the dreamy princess look:

It’s time for floral prints and pastel colours: 

Those days are gone where people just loved bright colors for wedding. Red and Pinks are replaced by peach and pastel green and these colors are just elegant. They go best for day functions like Mehandi or Haldi. In-fact a lot of top designers are designing Bridal Lehengas in these colors as well.

Popular trends

Pic courtesy @dollyjstudio

Let the ruffles do the twirling

Fairy tale look comes with ruffles and it’s in trend right now. For all those who have dreamt of a princess wedding attire all their life it’s time to go get the look. This can be clubbed with diamond accessories to complete the look.

Bride to be

Pic Courtesy @manishmalhotra05

Neon Color and all the brightness

Neon colors are turning many heads. Club these outfits with diamond or polka neck pieces and you are all set for the party. These colors go well for day functions as well as night parties.

Pic courtesy @sabyasachiofficial

Shimmer and all the bling

Shimmer is never out of style and it will definitely look grand. Pair this dress up with minimal jewellery and let dress draw all the attention. A lot of celebrities are seen in shimmer wedding attires and guess what! They are getting all the media attention.


Pic courtesy @manishmalhotra05

Off whites is the new cool

White has always been classy. Being minimal is the new cool for Indian brides these days. Light colors look elegant in embroidery work. One can look perfect even with the least jewellery.

Pant saree

When contemporary meets modern trends an outfit like this arises. One can be a trendsetter while wearing this. Flaunt this outfit before it goes out of style. 

Seasonal trends

Pic courtesy @pak_fashioninsider

Cape Gown or Cape Saree

Cape in the new dapper. Cape gown can make a unique outfit for sangeeth or mehandi. Cape can be kept dittachable so that it can be reused with saree.

wedding inspirations

Pic Courtesy @anjiasmara


Top 5 reasons to hire a wedding planner to make your wedding memorable

Wedding is the most precious moment in everyone’s life and each of us want to make this moment memorable and beautiful.  The moment wedding planning begins stress level shoots up for the entire family. Here are a few reasons why hiring a wedding planner  can make a wedding better:

1.Spend more time with Family and Friends: Arranging a wedding requires huge amount of dedication and patience. The list of things to do for a wedding will go on till the day of the wedding. So this leaves you with no time or very less time to spare for friends or relatives, who have travelled miles to spend this moment together with you. If you hire a wedding planner then  they will take care of wedding arrangements and this will help you buy more time for your friends and family.

2.Get professional help: Since wedding planners are involved in the process of planning weddings and events on a regular basis they will know the right people to contact for different elements. Professional wedding planners will know the right person to contact for flowers, catering or lights. This will stop you from wasting time in contacting vendors and choosing the right one.

3.Low Stress: Wedding preparations are extremely stressful. It requires a lot of co-ordination between people involved in a wedding. Stay for guest has to be arranged, hotels have to be booked well in advance, the travel schedule of all the guests have to be noted down so that cabs can be arranged for their pick up and drop and the list goes on. This will lead to a lot of chaos and we will forget to concentrate on more important things like planning the outfits and decor ideas. If there are professional wedding planners involved one can pass on all the stress and enjoy the wedding.

4. Don’t compromise on anything: There are instances when people have to give up on a few things they want for a wedding due to budget reasons. But wedding planners can arrange every thing and make your dream wedding happen for every budget by strategically planning the expenses. They will have a detailed idea of wedding arrangements for every price. So wedding planner can turn out to be a very useful investment.

5. Make your wedding a trendy one: Wedding planners have a good idea about wedding trends and new things available for decor. They can also be helpful in suggesting places to purchase wedding outfits. They will have the most unique wedding ideas since they have a team of wedding designers who keep innovating. In this way professional wedding planners can make your wedding stand out and memorable.

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