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13 Amazing Décor Ideas For The Wedding Reception And Parties

Doing preparations for the wedding reception is the first lookout but making your event evergreen memory for your guests is something you would surely peek into.

Huge events like a wedding reception, engagement parties, corporate functions, and other ceremonies require a lot of effort to carry concerning Food, logistics, and decoration. And, when it’s the matter of party décor, then you should not skip the chance to make it creative and one-of-a-kind to create a happening appeal of it.

In the series of our blog, here we have some of the amazing décor ideas for your wedding reception and many other occasions that you can arrange up with DIY decor techniques and professional touch-ups.

1. Chalkboard signage

Welcome doors and entrances should be quite enticing for your guests at the party, and that can be well accomplished by putting chalkboards into the decoration. Personalize the board with some spray-painting, old frame, and drape it with greenery while writing entry messages over it.


2. Floral Hangings

Hang your flowers and let them bloom to ascertain the mesmerizing effect of your wedding reception. Events are incomplete without flower décor and to keep up with the pace by being on a budget you can make use of hangings to avoid the mess that often happens at the end of the party.


3. Ceiling drapes

A touch of fabric is not just exquisite but a bonus for your party decor. You can keep it formal yet be captivating with a white cloth, or create a fun vibe, opt for bright and subtle colours like yellow, pink, blue, and much more. This is amazing to see how a little fabric can help to reveal a decked-out reception look.

4. Paper Lanterns

Tons of paper lanterns are nothing new, but they are a forever concept you can apply in any of your events. They are budget-friendly, so you can hang up them in multiple numbers to give an exceptional as well as elegant look to your wedding reception.

5. Cupcakes delicacy

A sweet retreat like muffins or cupcakes for all your guests on a table assorted with different flavors can increase the worth of your party a million times. Just what you need is to speak to pastry chef or dessert makers to prepare some delicious cupcakes as per your gathering for your event.

6. Falling confetti

The magic of falling confetti is ravishing when it’s about decorations. All you need is to prepare a confetti wall to create this perfect DIY and avoid the mess as well at the same time.

7. Photo Backdrops

Play with different layers, colors, and add the family photographs by creating a stunning focal point within your party. For a fantastic photo backdrop along with pictures, you can also use tassels, paper flowers, lights, and tissue paper cutouts.

8. Wood decoration option

It’s often hard to choose whether to keep plastic chairs and tables or wood in your seating arrangements. But, going with a natural option is worth a while. Opt for folding chairs for a lower price point, and you will also be surprised to see how great wood looks alike!

9. Calligraphic Menus

Get the hand-printed calligraphic menus for your tables to take the décor one step further. Different scripts with free handwritten forms for a chic look are suitable enough for every type of affair. But, you need to go wisely as professional calligraphy artists might charge much for it. So, you can try out the young talents of college for this DIY décor idea.

10. Colored Glassware on rent

Gone are those times when people preferred to have simple looking glasses for their parties. Nowadays, the colors are in! But, they might cross your budget. Hence, it’s ideal to have stylish colored glassware to serve drinks on rent for a wedding reception or any other occasion.

11. Table Lamps in use

Medium size lamps to illuminate your table are exotic and luxurious enough for any event. So, using them is a first wedding décor idea when you are up to take little costly affair.

12. Patterned pillows on the couch

If you have guided a lounge set up in your wedding reception area, then go with sassy yet classy pillows and rental furniture to make an ideal space. You can make it more creative by covering it up with patterned fabric.

13. DIY photo booth

No one who wants to miss the picture booth especially when everyone is dressed up for clicks! Wedding and parties are more fun with a presence of a photo booth. So, you can create a DIY photo stand with cutouts and contemporary props that can make beautiful memories for your guests in their photographs.


Destination Wedding Packages In Udaipur To Amaze Your Mind To The Core

Are you also planning to have a destination wedding in Udaipur? If, your answer is yes! Then, probably you won’t regret visiting one of the most romantic cities for your wedlock.

Weddings are meant to be quite a special event in everyone’s life. But, dealing in a smart way and having a budget-friendly affair without compromising on happening details is the keynote to consider.

Moreover, when you wish to have your wedding setup in the top-notch venue over the land of Kings and Queens with majestic royal palaces, forts, picturesque lakes and lots more in the background, then here you can check out some of the amazing destination wedding packages in Udaipur that will blow your mind to the core. And, while going thoroughly to the costs, locations, accommodations, and other details, you may find your desires covered in all.

High Rated Wedding Package

Destination wedding packages in udaipur, destination wedding in udaipur


These packages of weddings are concerned to be the most luxurious ones with the fairy tale affairs. Properties, hospitality, and all the things inclusive in it are relevant to the seven stars and five stars rated hotels. And, the cost of per event may vary from 20 Lakh to 41 Lakh depending on the capacity of guests and arrangements done.

In Udaipur, the palatial royal weddings arrive under this category where locations are more probably HRH group of hotels, Lake Palace, The Leela Palace Udaipur, and Oberoi Udai Vilas. Whereas, in turn to accommodation for guests rooms can highly cost from 30,000 to 40,000 that can be divided between 3500-6500 per person with meals included.

Apart from food and rooms, decoration, laundry service, and other charges of the wedding are exclusive.

So, one can expect a highest royal wedding costing approximately 1Cr. to 3Cr where you can sum up everything for your guests.

Moderate Royal Wedding Package

Destination wedding packages in udaipur, Destination wedding in udaipur


Influential and preferable enough this wedding is also possible for the ones who wish to have a king size dream wedlock in a modest budget. This category sums up all the 3-4 star hotels where accommodations, meals, and other facilities are provided to the guests with a significant aspect of hospitality. Locations like Radisson Blu Udaipur, Trident, Chunda Palace, Ramada Resort, Ananta Resort, etc. are comprised for moderate royal weddings, if you go for a single ceremony at each event.

And, probably, if you have multiple ceremonies, then you can book one location like Oberoi Udai Vilas or the Leela Udaipur to accomplish the same within budget.

So far, one can consider the budget of this category of the wedding around 1Cr. or less.

Budget-Friendly Royal Wedding

Destination Wedding packages in udaipur, Destination wedding in udaipur

Act smart and work on specific facts while saving those extra bucks can be more reliable with this category of weddings. These weddings also include properties of 3-4 star hotels like Chunda Palace, Shourya Garh Resort, Royal Retreat Resort, Hotel Lakend and other lavish places with the most excellent amenities for your guests.

But, yeah! One thing to consider while having this type of destination wedding in Udaipur can cost more off travel expenses, which in turn a professional event planner or experts can cover from the accommodation of the guests.

And, these weddings can cost in the budget of 70-80 Lakhs approximately, which is a standard range of any grand Indian wedding nowadays.


So, before going up with the bookings of any of these destination wedding packages in Udaipur make sure to consider the best wedding planner or event professionals for a special day to make it more memorable.



corporate event, Corporate event planner, Business event plannner, Party planner, Corporate party planner, Event planner in udaipur, axle tree events

A single event can awaken many opportunities for everyone associated with it at a single time. So, whenever you have an urge to lead a successful and memorable event, it takes an effort to find a professional event planner.

Also, when it’s the matter of a corporate event, the involvements of long-term goals are must to look at. So far hosting a corporate affair allows a company to connect better with current as well future clientele.

However, for a successful business event, there are many details from small to big to a breakthrough that every event planner needs to analyze.

Here are some of the tips on how to plan a best corporate event on your fingertips with ease.

1. Understanding the purpose of an event

Planning an event isn’t that easy task, you need to be quite careful with all the detailing. Also, in the corporate events, there is always a requirement to be clear on what you are doing at the first pace. Is it for creating the leads, or just for developing the awareness about the company or the latest product? The primary objective behind the corporate party plan should be specific amongst your team and peeps.

2. Selection of proper location

The place is the prime factor in business event planning. Booking a venue that is at a convenient location with a calming and sophisticated atmosphere is an assured thing to do for the comfort level of attendees. Moreover, for the better make sure to take rough ideas from a local community of vendors, caterers, and business event planners for this task.

3. Know the limitations and extents

Creating a plan for a corporate event can only be successful when you are aware of the advantages and disadvantages at the same time. While making up with a best corporate function, event planners always start with the strategy that involved budgets, time, logistics, gathering management, and lots more. If a firm has decided to throw a live event in a week time for more intimate affairs, it’s best to combine and take the benefits of the creativity of professional event planners to plan for the corporate event. Moreover, if there is a big-time event involving a lot of budget and time procedure to execute for that brief also, it’s a smart thing to cover up this part of event production. Be flexible with the changes but don’t lose sight of the reason while doing all the work.

4. Investment in the right areas at a perfect time

Hosting a corporate event or annual business party requires a lot of monetary funds and big-time budget to handle. Working within the technical team, and A/V can break out the entire event. So, a company should always put a focus on hiring an experienced event firm to manage live counters or time taking presentations. Whether it’s the purpose of event photography, food, beverages, music, decorations, and much more, consider every aspect as your outcome for building up the image of the company more powerful.

5. Promotion of the event

It’s an obvious thought that how would people know that any event is coming up and they should be part of it! For the companies, if it’s an in-house event, then there is no purpose for promotions. However, when a corporate event is organized to make the general audience aware of the existence of the firm, shares or their products in the market, it’s necessary to push it up with promotional activities. In this digital age, there are multiple techniques like newsletters, banners, radio ads, and online promotions to publicize the corporate party at the great extent.

Throughout these ways of creating smart goals to achieve best of business event planning, keep checking out the information from professional corporate event planners whenever you attend any corporate event.

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