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Do’s & Don’ts When Plan For A Destination Wedding

destination wedding


1. Choose a convenient venue:

All things is based on where your majority of guests are coming from, decide a venue where transportation facility easily available. Your guests will have more fun when they arrive happily.

2. Box your stuff in advance:

Wrap your wedding costume, accessories, makeup, shoes, well in advance so that you do not forget anything. Carry these stuff yourself or ask somebody you trust.

3. Find local gifts for your guests:

You choose your destination place for a reason – so reflect the destination by finding little gems from the area to give to guests.

4. Wedding Venue Visit:

Do visit the hotel/resort at least once before the wedding to get an idea of the venue, finalize decor & to understand possible matters (like traffic, distance, accommodations from hotel etc.) so that you can work them around.

5. Give your guests a heads up:

When you’re planning a destination wedding, it is completely critical to give your guests as much advance information as possible.This means sending out save the dates or a link to your personal wedding website at least 5-6 months before, so that they can have enough time to plan their travel and holiday time. Formal invitations should go out 1-2 months before.


1. Wait until the last minute to send your invitations:

You need extra time when planning a destination wedding. Your guest should get at least 3 months information so they can book their accommodations, holidays, get a sitter planned etc.

2. Expect that everyone will come:

Nearly every bride planning a destination wedding stresses about the same thing – will anyone show? No matter how much you stress, you cannot control who will come or not.  Hopefully the people you care about the most will be there.  But trust me (and nearly every destination bride before you) when we tell you that at the day of your wedding you will be so caught up in the moment and will be having so much fun that you won’t care about who didn’t make it.

3. Leave people without directions:

Do not assume people know where they are going. Some people aren’t 100% comfortable travelling to a place they’ve never been. Instead – make it easy on them by providing them written message beyond the invitation with maps and directions. Also, make sure each guest gets a welcome bag with repeated itineraries and how to get to all place.

4. Save on photography:

When it’s all said and done, your photos will capture the memories in a way nothing else can.  Pictures will be the only thing you have to forever remember the day by.  Do you want to look past at photos and recall about how wonderful and amazing your destination wedding was, how much fun your guests where having, how much love was in the air? Or do you want to look past and remorse not having the quality pictures you could possibly afford. When organising a destination wedding, you should book finest photographer for your wedding.

5. Worry:

Remember that something will go wrong. It happens to everybody! You have to roll with the punches and enjoy every moment.  You’ll set the tone for the special day.  If you’re having fun, your guests will too.  If you’re not enjoying yourself, they won’t either.


Top Reasons Why You Hire An Event Planner?

event planner, wedding planner, event planning, wedding planning

There are several advantages to hiring a Professional Event Planner and we want to share with you the top 5 reasons why you should hire one for your upcoming event.


If you are planning about hiring an event planner you have been tasked with the job of planning your social event or specialty event on top of your current work. This can be a huge undertaking.  Hiring an event planner can take the stress off of you to pull off a successful event and also complete your existing work.  Let the professionals handle your details so you can focus on your daily work.


Lots of people hire an event planner just because they do not have the sufficient time to planning a successful event with their current business work.  Event planners plan events for a living.  It is our bread and butter to plan and coordinate successful events on behalf of our customers.

Reduce your time spent on the event by meeting with your planner on a weekly or monthly basis to approve of estimates and event decisions.  Your event planner will do all the work for you and available you with event updates and action items which will cut your meeting times by not having to do event research and meet with event vendors.


As event planners, we have spent years forging unique relationships with the area’s top event vendors. We handle each and every thing from booking event vendors, fulfilling event requirements, acquiring a quote and negotiating services to fit within the event budget.

The week leading up the event and the day of the event we stay in contact with event vendors to confirm a smooth delivery and set-up and are on-site to resolve any glitches that may arise.


Event Planners have several years of event planning experience.  We will be able to work with you on the best ways to reach your event objectives.  We have the experience and know-how to successfully meet your event desires?


We know the value of hard earned money and staying within budget to meet your event goals.  While our services also come as a cost, the experience we have in advising our clients on where we can reduce costs within an event can end up saving your money.

We just touched the tip of the iceberg on this topic! There are so many reasons why you should hire an Event Planner. Interested in receiving a proposal for your event? Check out the extensive variety of services we offer on Our Services page.



How to choose perfect wedding venue in udaipur?

wedding venue in udaipur, wedding, wedding planner, event planner

A wedding is about celebrating the love and lifelong commitment between two hearts which unites families and friends to form an endless bond. It is also about making fun -filled memories that transcend the boundaries of love and friendship turning it into ‘one big happy family’! Planning a wedding can be exhilarating and exhausting at the same time. There a number of items on the check-list and ticking off each item can be quite an intimidating task for the couple. Wedding venue in udaipur, Wedding Planner in udaipur

One of the major steps that lay the foundation for all the wedding planning tasks is the selection of a perfect location! The location works as a cornerstone in the complete process of wedding planning as it is not only the favorable choice of place for the scared weddings but also offers the backdrop for a plethora of rituals and ceremonies. The atmosphere of the location is also very important as that is the setting where the families, friends and invitees meet and greet each other for the first time and form new relationships, bonds and memories that last a lifetime.

While zeroing in on an ideal location for not only the wedding but all the celebrations leading up to it is the first pre-requisite in the process. Depending on whether it is a large scale destination-wedding concept or a close intimate affair, a location that can house the required number of guests should be selected.

If it is a grand celebration with a high guest-list, then accommodating the guests also needs to be factored in while choosing the wedding venue. In such a case, a hotel with lavish indoor and outdoor spaces like the The Oberoi Udaivilas Hotel Udaipur would cater to all the essential arrangements and desires and preferences of the guests.

The wedding feast is also a tremendously vital element during Indian weddings! The food and beverage preparations need to be planned well in advance to deliver guests with the ultimate culinary experience that includes an array of cuisines, dessert counters, cocktails, buffet counters, live cooking stations, customizations and much more.

For guests to enjoy in the holiday, the availability of various services around the place of marriage, acts as an added advantage when choosing a location. Outdoor pool, fun activities, various food & beverage outlets, room-service, get-together brunches, live cooking stations, outdoor lawns, spa service etc.. could be a few elements that add to the entertainment value of the wedding.

A pictorial location with stunning views and different types of landscapes provides for numerous photo-ops for the couple, friends and families thus making your wedding picture perfect at every moment!

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